Holiday Cat Collars

Celebrate with Your Cat

Buying your pet holiday cat collars is a fun way to celebrate almost any holiday. Some of the most adorable holiday collars from Halloween to Christmas are pictured in the following images. Each collar pictured is a break-away collar. This means it will open up if it gets caught in something, keeping your pet safe. If you see one you are interested in just click on it to be taken to a site where you can get more information.

This Jingle Bell collar is so cute and perfect for either a male or female cat. With three bells attached to a red collar you will have cheerful holiday sounds throughout the season.

Halloween cat collar
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Halloween Happenings

Spread the spookiness to your cat with this collar. It is decorated with ghosts and bats for lots of Halloween fun.

Santa cat collar
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Jolly Old Saint Nick

This collar is decorated with a Santa Claus design. It is a breakaway collar to ensure your cat's safety and it has a green bell for holiday cheer. Plus you will always know when the cat is climbing the Christmas tree.

Pumpkin patch cat collar
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Pumpkin Collar for Fall

Grinning jack-o-lanterns, black cats and witches cavort around this collar.

Winter snowman cat collar
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Do the Snowman Shuffle

A festive holiday cat collar that can be worn throughout the winter, the Snowman Shuffle sports snowmen and pine trees on a red and green background.

Skulls cat collar
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Skulls for Halloween Fun

A skull cat collar is the perfect fashion accessory for your Halloween cat. Skulls surround the collar with spooky charm.

Penquins on ice cat collar
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Penguins on Ice

The Penguins on Ice collar is a great way to celebrate winter. Penguins ice skate on a snowy blue background with festive red bands on the top and bottom.

Candy corn cat collar
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Candy Corn Collar

Candy corn is everyone's favorite treat at Halloween. This collar features candy corn on a black background for a festive look without being scary.

Red velvet cat collar
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Holiday Cat Collars Are Fun

Red velvet, rhinestones, and a sparkly heart makes this special collar the perfect cat gift.

Most of the collars shown are made with your cat's safety in mind and include reflective designs in case your pet gets out at night. Since many of the collars are unisex they can be used for either a male or female cat. There are several good reasons to love these collars but most of all dressing your pet to match the holiday is just plain fun.

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Holiday Cat Collars