Names for Black Cats

Black kittens

There are quite a few names for black cats in circulation. If you're looking to name a new pet of your own, check out our list of traditional and not so traditional black cat names.

The Allure of Black Cats

There are obviously a wide array of cat breeds in just about every combination of color and fur length you can name. Why is it then that one single type of cat intrigues our imagination more than all the others?

Black cats are quite famous, or perhaps infamous, across many cultures. The ancient Egyptians believed black cats brought good luck, while many Europeans believe they carried bad omens. You can still find people today that adhere to one belief or the other, as well as a good portion of the public that doesn't buy into either superstition. Love them or hate them, black cats garner more than their share of attention.

So, since these cats seem to stand out amongst felines, it only seems right that we should take special interest when assigning them names. Yes, you can name a black cat virtually anything you want to, but sometimes it's fun to choose cat names according to the characteristics of the individual animal. In this case, that dark fur presents us with our first inspiration.

Once you get beyond color, you can begin to think about your cat's personality and use that to help guide your choices. Is your cat sweet, a bit naughty or perhaps slightly intellectual? Tailor the name you choose to your cat's true self and you can never go wrong!

Traditional Names for Black Cats

Although you may previously have heard of some of these black cat names, we think you'll find at least a few that you may not have thought of before. Some are very traditional or old-fashioned, while others are a play on words that have anything to do with being "dark". Some of these names may even strike you as silly, but chances are they have already been used by someone, somewhere. If nothing else, we hope you draw enough inspiration from this list to create an original black cat name for your own pet.

Names for Black Cats
Abracadabra Black Orchid Eight Ball Moon Shadow Salem
Ace Blackout Enigma Mystery Santana
Alacazam Black Top Evil Mystic Satan
Ash Blind Spot Fate Morticia Shade
Ashes Carbon Grimalkin Mourning Glory Shady Character
Ashley Charcoal Hades Necromancer Shadow
Asher Cinders Hecate Nevermore Silhouette
Ashton Coal Hocus Pocus Nightmare Smudge
Batman Coal Dust Immortal Night Rider Soot
Beelzebub Conjurer Ink Nightshade Spade
Bewitched Crow Inky Ninja Spellbound
Blackamoor Crypt Keeper Ink Spot Obsidian Spooky
Black Bart Darth Vader Inkwell Omen Spot
Black Beauty Death Jet Onyx Superstition
Black Beard Deadzone LeStat Panther Tarmac
Blackberry Diablo Licorice Persephone Undertaker
Blackie Diabolique Lucifer Phantom Unlucky
Black Crow Dirtball Magic Piewacket Voodoo
Black Jack Dusk Menace Poe Wicca
Black Magic Ebony Midnight Raven Witchipoo
Black Olive Eclipse Midnight Runner Sabrina Wizard

Ironic Black Cat Names

For those of you who like to buck the trends and overlook the obvious, we even have some names that would be quite ironic when given to a black cat. Maybe one of these will appeal to your wry sense of humor.

Black cat close up
  • Crystal
  • Blizzard
  • Diamond
  • Flash
  • Fluffy
  • Frosty
  • Ghost
  • Ice
  • Icicle
  • Snowball
  • Snowflake
  • Sparkle
  • Sunny
  • Sunshine
  • Whitey

Contribute Your Own Names

Now that we've shared our list of names for black cats, including some truly magical cat names, maybe you'd like to share a few names of your own. Tell us of a clever name you created for your own pet, or simply make suggestions for great names we've missed. Your contributions are welcome in the Comments box below!

Names for Black Cats