Calico Cat Pictures

Calico cat portrait

Gorgeous Calico Cat Pictures

Calico Cat Pictures showcase this fascinating coat pattern. These cats are not an actual breed, but the result of a genetic sequence that turns off particular color genes at random times. The result is a unique pattern of red/black/white that varies from one cat to the next. Some are brighter, some are diluted and others carry additional tabby or tortoiseshell markings. Much like snowflakes, no two calicos are exactly alike, so enjoy viewing the calico cat images in this slideshow.

Calico cat about to climb a tree

The Climb Ahead

This calico looks like he's contemplating climbing a tree.

Calico exploring outdoors

Getting Back to Nature

Like most cats, this calico loves exploring the great outdoors. Hope she doesn't get into any mischief.

Calico queen with her kittens

Queen with Kittens

Here's a lovely calico with her little family.

Calico with asymmetrical markings

Ready for a Closeup

Calicos are attractive even if their marking aren't completely symmetrical. Notice how one of this cat's eyes has darker fur around it.

Calico cat laying down


What cat doesn't love to lay down and relax? This one is no different.

Serious calico cat

Serious Thoughts

Sometimes cats are playful, other times they're not. This cali looks like he has something serious on his mind.

Cat watching fish bowl

Odd Friends

This kitty sure seems interested in that fish. Hopefully she just wants to be friends.

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Calico Cat Pictures