Stuffed Animal Cats That Purr

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When having a live cat isn't possible, the next best thing is finding a stuffed one that actually purrs. The purring noise adds a realistic touch to any plush cat, giving adults and children alike the same satisfied feeling that comes from petting a real cat.

Plush Purring Cats

Several stuffed cats are on the market that purr. They range from real-looking ones to more whimsical ones meant for children.

Touch Activated Plush Purring Cat

The Touch Activated Plush Purring Cat, available at Collections Etc., is a black and white plush cat, curled into a sleeping position. It will purr and look like it's breathing when petted. As it is in the sleeping position, it is best for petting and not child's play. To activate the purring sound and breathing, three AA batteries are needed.

AniMagic Cats

Two AniMagic cats offer purring noises and are available through Toys R Us. They are:

  • AniMagic Huggables My Cuddle Kitten: According to reviews on ASDA Direct, the Huggables Kitten toys will purr, but you may need to press a little harder when petting to activate the noise. These cats are meant to be played with and will also meow and make noises when hugged or moved.
  • AniMagic Cassy Goes Catwalk: Kids will love to "walk" this kitten on a leash. As the cat walks along, she will purr and make meowing noises.

At FAO Schwarz, the AniMagic Princess Pet Fiona is a cat that wears a pretty pink tiara and makes cat noises when the tummy is pressed.

Hasbro FurReal Cats

Hasbro has a line of stuffed animals called FurReal Friends. Within this collection are several cat toys that make purring sounds. They are available at big box discount retailers like Amazon, Kmart, and Walmart. Several of these cats include:

  • FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat: This is fluffy white cat that makes animal noises and moves when touched. She purrs when her head is petted.
  • FurReal Friends Lulu's Walking Kitty: Put this cat down, and it will walk towards you. When picked up, she will purr and meow.
  • FurReal Friends Newborn: This kitten can be fed with a special bottle, and will meow, stretch, purr and more. Find it in Walmart stores near you.

Purring Plush Pets

A stuffed cat that actually purrs is a wonderful gift for someone who cannot have a real cat. The purring noise adds a little something extra to a plush kitten or cat that really makes it come alive.

Stuffed Animal Cats That Purr