10 Thoughts Every Cat Owner Has Every Day

The Incredible World of Being a Cat

Any cat owner will admit that there is perhaps no greater gift in life than the love of a cat. But what exactly goes on in the thoughts of a cat owner every day? Take a little peek right here...

What Does My Cat Think I Am?

Does my cat think I am his mother? A benevolent giant towering over it? Its provider and shelter? Its long-suffering servant? Or a great big stupid cat that they just tolerate? It would just be so great to sit down and get a straight answer about its thoughts on this, wouldn't it?

Where the Heck Have They Gone?

It has been gone all day and I haven't seen or heard anything from it. It's getting way late now and I'm getting paranoid. Should I knock on my neighbors door yet or is it just hiding somewhere under the bed?

I Wonder What They Are Trying to Tell Me

That look in your cat's eye, its yowls and mewls, the flicker of his ears, its crazy thrashing back and forth for no apparent reason...my cat might might speak a different language than me but it's DEFINITELY trying to tell me something....but what?

Please Stop the 4am Gallivanting

Seriously, I love you, but running from one end of the house to the other for absolutely no reason at 4am in the morning is really no way to behave in the middle of the night. Especially when it culminates with you sitting on my head while I'm sleeping. I'm so tired.

Are You Trying to Manipulate Me?

Is it a coincidence that my cat is lying in my bag asleep JUST as I need to head out the door? Has my cat perfected its purr just to get me to feed it? Am I just being played like a video game here? I'm not sure I'm really the one in control...

Do You Get Lonely When I'm Gone all Day?

Is it really true that cats have no concept of time? Or does it feel like ages when I'm gone all day? What exactly are you doing when I'm gone all day? Are you busy letting loose or are you feeling all sad and lonesome?

You're My Best Friend

You don't care what I earn, where I live, what I wear, what I drive, whether I've put on a few pounds, or if I'm smart or not. When I'm feeling sad, we can just sit and be together without having to even say a word. You're the best friend a girl could ever hope for.

How Did You Get in There????!

Cats, you have an incredible ability to surprise us with your chosen hangout for a nap - whether it's in a bucket, on a book, or a flowerpot, you never cease to keep us from asking how on earth you got in there...

I Wish I Was You

Cats really do have an amazing life. They get seemingly endless amounts of sleep, food is on tap, massages all day, company only on their terms, and endless admiration when they want it. There's no doubt that with life's crazy demands and drama, we are constantly reflecting on why we couldn't have a life more like yours instead.

Is My Cat Insane?

You know that moment when your cat races up the stairs to stare at an invisible point somewhere up the wall for absolutely no reason whatsoever and you can't help but ask yourself whether they in fact might be insane? Yes, that.

All in a day's thoughts for a cat lover.

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10 Thoughts Every Cat Owner Has Every Day