Caring for an Abandoned Kitten

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Any cat that has spent time abandoned may have some issues that even loving care will take some time to heal. One visitor has some questions about caring for an abandoned kitten.

About Caring for an Abandoned Kitten

I've been taking care of a stray kitten that was abandoned at my house. I feed it regularly, but it keeps meowing non-stop and rubbing my feet. I thought it might still be hungry, but it's not. What is it trying to do? How can I stop the meowing?

Expert Reply

First, let me commend you for your kindness in rescuing this poor little creature. You have probably made the difference between life and death for it.

I need a little more information. Do you have any idea how old the kitten is, and how long have you been feeding it? Is it a male or a female? If it's at least 16 weeks old and female, then there's a chance it's in heat. This would explain the meowing and extra affection. Having her spayed once it's over would solve that problem.

If we're talking about a much younger kitten, then the above info wouldn't apply. This kitten was abandoned, and this can cause psychological trauma. The meowing could be an attempt to locate the mother cat and any siblings it might have had. Rubbing against your feet would be natural, but if it's constant, then that's another sign this kitten is desperately seeking the kind of close socialization it would have had with it's feline family.

You're going to have to decide just how dedicated you are to nursing this kitten along. It will need plenty of affection and cuddle time from you. If it is extremely young and you are bottle feeding it, you will also need to wipe it's rectum and genitals with a warm wet cloth to help it eliminate.

I also think you should take the kitten to a vet to make sure there's nothing physically wrong, perhaps something the mother sensed that caused her to leave it behind. Bring along a stool sample so the vet can check for worms.

I hope everything works out for you~~ Kelly


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Caring for an Abandoned Kitten