Making and Buying Cat Christmas Tree Toppers

For people who love cats, a cat Christmas tree topper is the perfect finish for the family tree. Many manufacturers have realized this, and there are several types and styles of toppers in all price ranges. You can even make a feline-inspired topper for a DIY touch.

Cat Christmas Tree Topper Options

Vintage Cat Tree Toppers

Ebay is one of the best resources for one-of-a-kind, vintage tree toppers. There are hundreds of designs and many cats. The Victorians were fond of cats. Victorian tree toppers that include cats were made of many types of materials. The pieces were often created with a Scrap and Tinsel method, using lithographs or chromolithographs decorated with tinsel and beads. These vintage cat Christmas tree toppers are very collectible because they are handmade and unique.

If you decide to look for an antique cat topper on the Internet, be sure to ask questions. The pieces are easy to reproduce, and you could find yourself paying too much for an item that is not actually vintage. If you decide to try to find one locally, check garage sales, antique stores, and thrift shops.

Collectible Cat Christmas Tree Toppers

Modern cat tree toppers can often be bought according to the breed of cat you desire. Contemporary toppers come in many styles, sizes and themes from cat angels to contented Santa cats. They may be made of ceramic, polymer clay, fabric, wood or other materials.

By attending a craft show locally, you may find the perfect topper for your cat-themed Christmas. Check local antiques and crafts malls, church bazaars and other events where craftsmen might be selling their creations.

Ideas for Making Your Own Feline Tree Toppers

The ultimate cat Christmas tree topper might just be the one you create yourself!

  • If you collect cat figurines, you can simply attach one to the top of the tree with wire or ribbon for a topper that you are sure to love. Secure the piece carefully to the tree to keep both your ornament and your cat safe.
  • You can easily make a vintage style cat tree topper by using antique post cards or other vintage illustrations of cats and attaching them to a simple star Christmas tree topper. Add beads and trim to suit your personal style.
  • Create a contemporary tree topper using a photo of your cat encased in a seasonally festive frame.
  • Consider getting wood cutouts at the craft store and painting them to your own specifications.
  • These instructions for a Christmas cat angel can be adjusted to make Christmas tree toppers by wiring the finished ornament to a ready made topper and embellishing it.

Finding Cat-Themed Tree Toppers Online

There are virtual stores that specialize in pet Christmas ornaments. They often have the same basic topper in a variety of different breeds so that your tree topper can match your pet.

  • K-9 Gifts carries both dog and cat ornaments. Don't let the name fool you.
  • Ebay is always a good place to keep an eye on.

Have Patience

Finding a cat Christmas tree topper that you love might take patience. Keep looking for exactly what you want and eventually you are sure to find it. Once you do, you are on your way to the perfect cat-themed Christmas tree.

Making and Buying Cat Christmas Tree Toppers