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Unexplained Illness

Our kitten is about six months old. We live in a two bedroom apartment and he cries for us even though he knows we are here. His coat has begun to get greasy even though he bathes himself daily. He eats and drinks regularly. Also, his back legs have started to stumble when he walks. Every morning when he wakes up, he has a slight discharge from his eyes. I feel like there is something wrong with him.


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Hi, Thomas,

You live with the cat and know him best. If you have noticed a big change in his behavior, then you are absolutely right that this can signal a health issue. Runny eyes or discharge from the eyes can be a sign of a respiratory infection. These are sometimes caused by some of the viruses cats should be vaccinated against. Even if he has had his vaccines, he can still contract some of these viruses.

Although these issues will sometimes clear up on their own, it sounds like something is up with his health since his fur is greasy and his legs trembling. I would go ahead and take him to the vet and describe all the symptoms just as you did to me. The runny eyes may just be a minor infection that can be cleared up with antibiotics as opposed to something more serious like Cat Flu or Distemper. It's best to find out for sure.


Health Problems with F2 Savannah Cat

We purchased a beautiful F2 Savannah male in March. He arrived in May. He developed a limp in his left hindquarter. The limp lasted a few days and is now gone. Yesterday, his left eye looked cloudy. Today the eye is clear, but I don't think he can see out of that eye. Is this breed prone to ailment? We looked into them, but we never heard of any health problems.


Expert Reply

Hi, Evelyn,

I'm so sorry your little cat is having problems. For those not familiar with this breed, the "F" rating refers to how many generations this cat is away from his wild Serval ancestors. An F2 is two generations away, so the F2's grandparent was a Serval.

Now about known health problems in Savannahs. Although there are no known health problems in the breed, the breed is still fairly new. However, keep in mind that an F2 Savannah is only 25% Serval, so the other 75% may be from a variety of other cat breeds, some of which may have known health problems.

You may want to contact the breeder to discuss some of your concerns. The limp may have just been from landing funny from a jump or something minor, but the eye is something I would recommend you have your veterinarian check. And if you are going to the vet anyway, you might as well mention the limp. The vet will be able to do a physical exam and see if the joints are working properly, etc. He/She may order X-rays or additional tests if he/she has concerns.

Savannah's bond very strongly with their humans, so once you get past these initial glitches you'll have a cat that will love you deeply. They are a beautiful breed.


My Kitten has Crusty Eyes

What can I use to soften the crusty eye stuff on my new Himalayan kitten? The insides of its eyes are okay, but fluid has run on the outside of the eyes and hardened.

I don't want to cause any damage, so can you give me some suggestions how to get the crust off? Should I take the kitten to the vet?


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Hi Chance,

Runny, crusty eyes may be a sign that your new kitten has some sort of respiratory infection, typically caused by one of the diseases cats are normally vaccinated against.

Although some infections resolve themselves once a kitten is receiving proper care and nutrition, sometimes it requires some medical intervention to halt the infection and clean away the debris.

First, I'm going to suggest you follow your instincts and take your kitten to the vet. All new pets should receive a preliminary check up to get a baseline analysis of their health, and receive whatever vaccinations are required at the time.

Your vet will show you how to gently clean the crust away from your kitten's eyes, and if necessary, will prescribe medication to alleviate the condition.

If you must clean the eyes before your appointment arrives, try to soften/loosen the debris a little at a time by soaking the area with a warm wet cloth. Please realize your kitten will not enjoy this activity and may try to fight you, no matter how well meaning your intentions are. If you find this upsets your kitten too much, leave it for your vet. No point getting off to a bad start with your new furry friend.

Thanks for your question~~ Kelly


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