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Expert Tips for Throwing a Cat Party

Kelly Roper
Kitty with balloons

Need fresh ideas for a cat party your feline and friends will never forget? Get tips from a pro right here.

Grand Affair

Meet Carolyn Mason, owner and creative force behind Grand Affair, Inc.

Grand Affair is a design and planning firm that produces events for many of the rich and famous in sunny southern California. Past clients include Tiffany Theissen, Keenen Ivory Wayans, and Miramax Films, just to mention a few. Her work has also been featured in In Style magazine.

Big or small, themed or casual, Carolyn has planned and executed just about any type of celebration you can imagine. With such an impressive resume, it's only natural we would want to get some tips from her on how to plan a terrific cat party for feline family members. Of course, Carolyn was full of ideas and ready to share her expertise.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of that conversation.

Planning a Purrfect Cat Party

Carolyn Mason

Carolyn, it's no secret that many pet owners consider their cats members of the family, treating them just like one of the children. Tell us about the trends you are seeing.

The trend in events is similar to that in home decorating - comfort and functionality with an eye toward including the entire family without sacrificing style, with fun being a key element. This includes celebrations involving the extended family and even the family pets.

Name some great occasions we could use to plan a cat party around.

Anytime is a great time for a cat party! An obvious choice is the cat's birthday. Mine were born on Cinco de Mayo, so we have a Cat Fiesta complete with Ceviche and Chips! Christmas and Halloween also present excellent opportunities for a party. Spring is a particularly great time to hold a party, given the proliferation of green, leafy plants cats love to eat!

What are the basic steps to throwing a fabulous cat party?

When planning a cat party, you should:

  1. Select a cat-safe location - a place that is predator-free, doesn't contain plants that are harmful to cats, and that is enclosed to keep visiting guests from leaving before their humans are ready to go.
  2. Set up the party area in a way that is comfortable for the human and feline guests. Perhaps you can create a play area for the cats with some cat toys, scratching posts and beds for napping. Have comfortable seating for the humans near the cat area so "parents" can socialize with each other while still being able to keep an eye on their "kids."
  3. Be sure there is plenty of water for the cats, and human beverages for their owners. You may even wish to have a water fountain for the cats to drink from.
  4. A litter area in a discreet spot should also be set up. Be sure your feline guests are introduced to this area upon their arrival at the party so that they will know where to go!
  5. Be sure to indicate on the party invitation that cats and their humans are invited to attend, as well as the location, occasion and hours of the party. Get creative, perhaps sending a catnip-filled mouse attached to the invite to get everyone in the mood.
  6. Food is an essential for any successful event. Visit a local pet bakery for special treats to serve your furry guests. You may also wish to provide live grass plants for snacking. Human treats might include fish-shaped crackers and cupcakes decorated to look like mice.

Details are so important to any party's success. How about some tips for taking a cat themed party from good to great?

Kitty with present

Décor and entertainment are areas in which you can set your event apart from the ordinary! Set places at a "Cats Only" table, placing a cloth runner on the ground and setting a special bowl at each feline guest's spot. Collar tags with each guest's name can serve as both place cards and a take-home favor.

Invite a groomer or trainer to entertain your guests with tips and demonstrations that involve the humans and their cats. An obstacle course for play, or a beauty station for party primping will be a big hit with all of your guests!

What do you feel is the most important thing to keep in mind when planning an event of this type?

Just like with humans-only celebrations, cliques are bound to form, some fur might fly and not everyone will get along with each other. Don't fret! New friends will be made and everyone will have a great time in the end. A relaxed host/hostess goes a long way toward a successful event so stay calm!

Thank You

LoveToKnow Cats extends a warm thank you to Carolyn for giving us plenty of wonderful tips for unique parties.

If you'd like to book an event or simply learn more about Grand Affair, you can visit the website at

Expert Tips for Throwing a Cat Party