Basics of Caring for Kittens

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Caring for kittens is both a joy and a responsibility that every owner should take seriously. Once you understand the basics of kittens' social and health needs, you get get started raising happy, healthy little balls of fluff.

Kitten Training and Socialization

The time you spend training your kitten plays a large role in determining what kind of pet it makes when it grows up. A kitten that's handled with loving kindness and taught proper house manners is more likely to become a civilized feline partner in your home. On the other hand, a kitten that is left too much to its own devices may wind up acting more like a terror than your best friend.

Nutrition for Kittens

All cat foods are not created equal. The right kind of nutrition is critical to your kitten's brain and body development. Kitten food is specifically formulated to meet your pet's needs during that first year of rapid growth. Without the right balance of vitamins, minerals, essential acids and proteins, your kitten may not reach its full physical or intelligence potential.

Health Care

Caring for kittens includes providing health care to safeguard them from common diseases and parasitic infestations. Every kitten should receive a series of vaccinations, as well as yearly fecal examinations to check for the presence of worms. Additionally, many kittens will need to be treated for fleas and mites at some point during their lives. Choosing a good veterinarian and establishing a line of open communication is very important, not just while your pet is still a kitten, but in all the years to come.

The Adventure Begins

In this category, you'll find plenty of good, useable information to help you raise a happy and healthy kitten into a well adjusted feline that you'll be glad to share your home and life with for many years to come. Turn to us with many of your questions, and our experts, in partnership with your own vet, will do their best to give you sound, practical advice.

Basics of Caring for Kittens