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From their complex genetic roots to the variations in the tabby pattern, you may be surprised by these orange tabby cat facts. Find out how these popular cats get their signature look and the exact chromosomal… Keep reading »

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Maine Coon Cat

Cats are awesome creatures, but they're even more interesting when you begin researching different breeds. Perhaps you'll discover breeds that you never even knew existed.

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Cats have been immortalized in poems, songs, paintings, sculpture and so much more. What exactly is it about these creatures that captures the imagination so?

Perhaps it's the allure of knowing that no matter how domesticated felines become, there will always be a touch of something wild, something you can never have complete control over. Yet, there's still a bit of a thrill in trying.

Choosing a Breed

On the other hand, maybe the attraction lies in the beauty and diversity of these animals. For people who love cats, trying to settle on a single cat breed is like trying to buy just one treat in an entire candy store. It's very difficult to resist when there are so many goodies to be had.

Colorpoint Shorthairs

Everyone knows about Siamese and Persians, but some of the less common breeds include:

  • The Cornish Rex - This cat has short wavy fur. How often do you see a cat with a curl?
  • The Somali Cat - This feline bears a strong resemblance to a fox!
  • The Singapura - This cat's large, owl-like eyes may just steal your heart.

The fact is that with over thirty-nine recognized cat breeds and so many more being developed, there's bound to be one with a combination of looks and personality to please anyone who's searching for feline companionship. The key to making a wise choice lies in understanding what you want from the relationship, and doing a little breed research before you set out to bring your new pet home.

Discover More Amazing Breeds

Japanese Bobtail

These pages on cat breeds are designed to help you learn more about each breed so you can make the right choice for your situation. You'll find an overview of each breed's physical appearance and general personality. However, you should keep in mind that every cat and kitten is a unique individual. No two are exactly alike, but that is simply part of the adventure.

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