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Article Highlight: Common Questions About Elderly Cat Behavior

If your older cat is not eating much, has unusual sleeping habits, or shows other behavioral changes, it can be difficult to determine whether this is a normal part of the feline aging process or a sign of a… Keep reading »

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Cat Care Information

Once you've acquired a feline, you'll need to know how to provide proper cat care.

Of course, your feline will need love, and plenty of it. That part is easy, but have you put sufficient thought into your cat's other needs? The articles in this category will provide you with food for thought as well as practical suggestions to help you better care for your pet. For example:

  • The world can be a dangerous place for a feline, so get tips on ways to keep your pet safe.
  • Believe it or not, it's possible to train cats if you know how to use the right method. Imagine living with a cat that actually comes when you call him? It is possible when you apply a positive training program.
  • You're bound to encounter behavior problems from time to time, so get tips and information about dealing with a variety of common issues.
  • Proper litter box set up and maintenance can be crucial in helping your cat establish a regular routine and avoid nuisance spraying and soiling.
  • Hairballs can be another pesky issue for cats and the people who care for them. Learn about the problems hairballs cause and what you can do to help stop their formation inside your pet.

These are just a few of the topics addressed in this category , and new articles are added on an ongoing basis.

Cat Care