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Article Highlight: How to Adopt a Cat: Crucial Tips from an Expert

Whether you've had cats all your life or are bringing home your first feline pet, it helps to review a few cat adoption tips to make the transition smoother for everyone. Find out how and where to choose a cat… Keep reading »

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Learning about cats can be difficult if you search online. There's so many opinions that new cat owners, and even long-time owners, don't know where to turn. Luckily there are experts in the cat world who can provide accurate, up-to-date information.

Cat Experts Provide Advice

Many professionals have expertise with cat health, behavior and care through years of work with cats and academic study. You're sure to get good, actionable advice on how to live with your cat from recognized feline experts.

Getting a Cat

Choosing where to get your cat can be either as simple as going to your local shelter to adopt or researching and visiting breeders to find a purebred. It all depends on what type of cat you're looking for. Some breeds can be found in rescue without too much effort while other rarer breeds will require a specialty breeder. If you choose a breeder, learn all you can about them, and ask questions about cat care as most breeders are happy to share their knowledge.

Caring for Your Cat

Making sure your feline friend stays healthy, both mentally and physically, is an important part of responsible pet ownership. You should have a general knowledge of common health problems of cats, such an upset stomach, food allergies and avoiding feline obesity. Providing enrichment for cats, such as outdoor catios and training tricks, can help keep their waistlines trim and alleviate behavior problems.

Grooming a Cat

Keeping your cat's fur from getting matted is necessary for most medium and long-haired breeds. A Persian cat, for example, will need to be brushed often compared to a common short-haired cat. Some cats also require special baths to keep their fur clean of debris and medicated shampoos if they have skin allergies and hot spots. Some cat owners will hire a professional groomer if they regularly attend cat shows and need their kitty to look his best for the judges.

Fun With Cats

You can't deny that the Internet loves cats. Whether it's pictures of cats in wigs or funny videos of cat's silly behavior, you can definitely enjoy your love for cats online. You can even throw your cat a party which should be a huge hit with your cat-loving friends and guests.

Learning More About Cats

Cats are fascinating creatures who allow humans to keep them in their homes. Owning a cat has tremendous mental benefits for people and it's easy to see why. When it's time to learn more about your cat's health, grooming and behavior, make sure you listen to the feline experts!

Expert Cat Advice