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Article Highlight: Insights From a Siamese Cattery in Kentucky

Locating a Siamese kitten in the state of Kentucky can take some time and research. There are several options throughout the state for the serious Siamese lover to consider. Keep reading »

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Useful and Entertaining Cat Expert Interviews

You'll find insight and tips through cat expert interviews that you won't find anywhere else. From veterinarians who specialize in ailments such as diabetes, neurological disorders and renal failure, to cat breeders who know everything there is to know about a particular breed; it's all here. The interviews listed below cover many different concerns typical cat owners might have.

  • Want to learn more about how to treat a cat that has gastrointestinal issues? The interview with Dr. Michele Casper covers everything including what causes the initial problems, available and suggested treatments, signs to look for and how foods impact gastrointestinal health. Even if your cat only has mild digestive issues, the info in this interview may still help.
  • Perhaps you're thinking about adopting a new cat. Learn all the insider information you'll need to make the best possible choice for your family, and make sure that the adoption is a good match both for you and the cat. Author Susan Saffron shares her ideas on how to ease the transition of a new pet into your household.
  • Not sure which feline vaccinations your cat needs on a regular basis? Dr. Ann E. Hohenhaus covers standard vaccines and how a vaccine works. She also answers questions about getting booster shots every three years instead of annually, and explains what is recommended by the American Association of Feline Practitioners Feline Vaccine Advisory Panel.

These are just a few examples of the wonderful cat expert interviews and in-depth information that you'll find in this category. New interviews are posted regularly.

Cat Expert Interviews