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Article Highlight: Can Cats Drink Lactose-Free Milk? Safe Alternatives

Putting down a saucer of milk for a cat is a familiar image; however, many felines are lactose-intolerant. Although cats can drink lactose-free milk or Lactaid, it may not be the best healthy choice for them. Keep reading »

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Kitten eating from a bowl
Cats like to feed throughout the day.

Cat nutrition plays a direct role in your pet's level of health. Poor nutrition quickly leads to poor condition and various health issues. Therefore, it's vital to provide your cat with the highest quality food you possibly can in order to protect his well-being and possibly even extend his life.

Choosing the Right Cat Nutrition Plan


There are many different schools of thought as to what a cat should be fed. While many owners stick with tried and true brands, there are more choices than ever before for fulfilling your cat's nutritional needs. The articles in this category will help you learn about why cats don't need a lot of carbohydrates in their diets, and they will even educate you about specific brands of cat food such as Science Diet, Wellness Cat Food and Serengeti Cat Food to name just a few.


Commercial pet foods aren't your only option. You may decide that cooking for your cat is safer than trusting cat food labels. You'll find recipes for dinners as well as special treats that your cat will relish, and you'll feel better knowing that you control the quality of the ingredients.

Hypoallergenic Diets

Some cats develop food allergies, so it is important to fully understand the difference in nutritional needs of cats and kittens. You may choose to serve a commericial hypoallergenic diet, but homemade cat food and treats can also serve you well in this area because you can easily avoid the foods that cause adverse reactions in your pet. It can be difficult to meet the specific vitamin requirements for felines, so it is best to study the topic carefully before deciding upon a feeding regimen for your cat.

In addition to the many articles already in this category, new articles on cat nutrition are posted regularly so be sure to check back often to see what's new.

Cat Nutrition