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Cat in a box peeking out of a box

If you've spent any amount of time on the Internet, especially social media sites, you will have been inundated with pictures of cats. There are over two million cat videos on YouTube alone and cats have been dubbed the "unofficial mascot of the Internet." Cat lovers are not surprised by this at all!

Cat Pictures Are the Best

If you're having a bad day or just need a mental break from work, looking at cat pictures can give your day an instant boost. From cats that do crazy things to cats that tolerate crazy things done to them for the sake of taking a good cat picture, these creatures are whimsical, independent and entirely lovable.

Cat Breed Photos

If you're trying to decide on which breed you want to bring into your home, looking at photos can help you make the decision about which cat is best for you. Of course you don't want to go just on looks alone as some breeds that are stunningly beautiful like the Bengal can also have mental and physical needs that will be too much for your household. Likewise Persian cats are gorgeous, but looking at their photos will give you a good idea of the amount of fur you'll need to take care of. Of course you can go the opposite route with a hairless cat breed which are incredibly photogenic. Or you may be more interested in finding a cat with a particular color, such as the eccentric calico, the mysterious black cat or the elegant color point breeds like Himalayans and Siamese.

Cat Care Photos

Cat photo slideshows can also help you provide better care for your cat. For example, a photo representation of symptoms of feline diabetes can help you be on alert for the signs of this serious disease. You can learn more about why it's important to take care of your cat's skin and learn how to spot health problems by sight. It's not all so serious though, as pictures can help you figure out what type of cat tree your cat will love. You can also learn how to make your own cat scratcher to give your cat a healthy outlet for scratching.

Cats Spark Joy

Of course one of the best uses of cat photos and videos is to bring happiness to your life! Cats are so popular on the internet because they're fun to watch. Whether it's cats who feel a bit too ambitious about their jumping skills or cats who are just silly, watching cat videos is a great way to boost your mood and clear your head. Cats are also a favorite of photographers who love capturing their amusing "fails" at trying to hide or how patient they are when put in costume by their owners.

Feline Cuteness for the Win!

Whether it's adding some adorable kitten faces to your computer screen or forwarding the sweetest kitty headshots to your friends, cats can brighten just about anyone's day. Pair in some cute puppies to the videos and you're in for an extra helping of animal-loving bliss. If you become truly inspired by looking at cats, why not join in and take pictures of your own? You could end up showcasing the next big social media star!

Cat Pictures and Videos