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Kitten pictures are always popular.

About Cat Pictures

Cat pictures can serve to remind you that felines play the role of best friend, lifelong companion and also provide comic relief to get you through rough times or ordinary days. From cats that do crazy things to cats that tolerate crazy things done to them for the sake of taking a good cat picture, these creatures are whimsical, fiercely independent and entirely lovable.

In fact, one of the things owners love best about their cats is that each has a unique personality and different quirks and behaviors. These unique traits can create some great candid photo opportunities.

Although opportunities abound, cat pictures and videos are often hard to capture because you never know when a cat is going to go zipping through the house and catapult off the back of the couch. On the other hand, many photos of cats are captured because the cat just doesn't mind if someone drapes a boa across her back or sets a tiny hat between her ears. The secret to getting a great photograph of a cat can be in brainstorming ideas and knowing the right moment to snap that shot.

The galleries and slideshows in this category offer pages filled with fabulous cat pictures that will inspire you, give you a good chuckle and brighten a dreary day. Many of the poses will generate ideas for taking your own cat photographs, but remember that each cat has a unique personality that should be kept in mind when taking pictures at home. Have fun exploring this category!

Cat Pictures and Slideshows