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Article Highlight: A Look at Safest Cat Litter Debates: Which Is Best?

Part of caring for your cat is being aware of dangers in their environment, including cat litter safety concerns related to additives and clumping agents. The safest cat litter choices for your feline companion,… Keep reading »

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When you bring a cat into your life, you also bring along everything you need to care for your pet to keep her happy and healthy, and that includes a variety of cat products.

For example, a litter box is an essential piece of equipment for indoor cats. Should you select a basic litter box or go with a self-cleaning model, and which type of cat litter is safest for your pet?

Next, there's the entire world of cat furniture to navigate. Should you just get Kitty a simple bed, or opt for a fully decked out cat condo? And what's the difference between a condo and a cat tree anyway?

What happens if you need to travel with your pet? Allowing him to move freely in your car can be a dangerous situation for everyone concerned. A good cat carrier can solve the problem, but how do you know which one to select?

Toys, scratching posts - the list goes on. It may seem a little overwhelming trying to figure out what you really need from amongst the sea a feline products available, but the information you'll find in the Cat Products category can help you sort it all out. Learn about what's new, what's safe, and where you can find exactly the items you're looking for.

New articles are added to this category on an ongoing basis, so check back from time to time for the latest products and info.

You never know when you're going to find the "must have" item that will keep your cat entertained or simply make living with your furry friend just a little easier, but LTK can help.

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