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Cats are one of nature's most fascinating creatures and cat lovers feel honored when cats allow themselves to be pets. They're dignified, mysterious and beautiful creatures yet can also be silly, fun-loving and mischievous. There's a reason that cats and humans have been having a love affair for thousands of years!

Learning About Cats

Whether you've started thinking about bringing a cat into your home, have a new kitten or are an experienced ailurophile, there's always new information to learn about living with a feline. The more you know the better you can care for your feline friend and revel in fascinating facts about them.

Bringing Home a Cat

If you're thinking about adopting a cat, there are many breed rescues you can contact for specific types of cats. Consider adopting an older cat or even two cats if you have the room! If you intend to buy a kitten, it's important to find a responsible breeder who takes the time to provide proper health care and socialization. Or you may find yourself with a stray in your yard that you're considering taking in if you can't find its original home.

Cat Behavior and Training

Cats have a method of communication all their own that involves vocalizations and body language. They can also be very sensitive to changes and become easily stressed, leading to common behavior problems like avoiding the litter box and hiding in the house. Cats can also have issues with each other if you have more than one and dealing with feline squabbles can be an issue if they are not introduced properly. Cats are extremely intelligent so you can not only use behavior modification for problems but train them to fun things too like coming when called!

Cat Health Care

Cats tend to hide and the symptoms are subtle when there's a medical problem. A good cat owner will be able to recognize signs of serious issues like hair loss, unusually lethargic behavior or an unhealthy level of dehydration. It's also smart to have a simple first aid kit on hand to care for your kitty in cases of an emergency before you get to your veterinarian.

Fun With Felines

Of course there's lots of fun to be had with your cat, whether it's deciding on the best name or learning about the strange things they do like kneading their paws or playing with boxes. Your cat's name can match your cat and your own personality with a magical theme, a paean to an ancient goddess or something truly hipster or delightfully nerdy.

Living With Your Cat

There's so many aspects to cat ownership that's impossible to make a short list. From learning about to keep your cat safe in hot weather, moving to a new home without stressing them out or handling the ick factor when your cat brings home a present, you can spend hours of your life learning about felines. The more you know about your kitty and his or her unique needs, the better your relationship will be and you'll have years of love and friendship together.

Cat Facts and Tips