Does a Mom Cat Miss Her Kittens?

Kelly Roper
Crying Persian

Sometimes, a mother cat will behave strangely after the kittens have gone to new homes, and it's natural to wonder whether she misses her kittens. Learn the truth behind these behaviors.

When the Kittens Leave

The best time for kittens to leave mom is around 7 weeks. At that time, both the mom cat and the kittens are ready to part ways. However, sometimes after the last kitten is gone, the mom cat will wander around the house crying. But, is she really looking for them? And if so, can you help?

These are common concerns for all good pet owners. You did the right thing by finding the kittens new homes and the reason for the mom's reaction might not be what you think.

Mom Cat Crying

Helping a pregnant cat with her kittens is definitely an act of kindness. This love for your cat may cause you to unnecessarily worry if she seems upset to have the kittens gone. While your cat may be missing her kittens, it's even more likely that she has come back into heat. Cats typically cycle every two weeks, and they tend to do a lot of calling or "crying" during their heat period.

If she's truly missing the kittens, she may try to exhibit some odd behavior towards your other pets or even sometimes stuffed animals or pillows. You'll need to watch closely to see how she treats other animals in the home and intervene if necessary. You might even want to try getting her mind off things by giving her a couple of new toys to play with. A little mental stimulation goes a long way in reviving the spirit.

Consider Stopping the Cycle

The best course of action would be to have your female cat spayed as soon as possible. Now that the kittens are gone, it is the perfect time to have the surgery. Be sure to ask your vet if he/she knows about any low cost spaying clinics. This could save you a bundle.

Does a Mom Cat Miss Her Kittens?