Hiding Cat

Visitor asks question about a cat that does not want to come out of hiding.

Cat Hiding Out

My cat has been hibernating in the bathroom for two weeks. She acts like she's afraid of everyone who comes over. She was never like that, she's a very friendly cat. Now I find her sleeping in her litter box. She only comes out of the bathroom to eat and then runs back in there. I'm trying to find out what might be wrong with her. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. She is eleven years old.

~~Kime B.

Expert Reply

Hi Kime,

There are a couple of things that might cause your cat to act this way. The first is if you have added any new people or pets to your home or created any big changes (a move, someone moving out, etc.). Many cats are very resistant to change and when they get older they can be more so.

The other thing that could cause her to hide out is if she is ill. A cat's natural tendency is to hide when they are sick or not feeling well. It is good that she is still eating and drinking, but sleeping in her litter box concerns me because she may have a urinary tract infection or some kidney issues. I would go ahead and take her to the vet and describe her behavior in detail. Be sure to explain that she is sleeping in her litter box and that she's not done this before. The vet can run some tests to see what might be causing her behavior. Also, if you are able, take a fecal sample with you to the vet so they can test it as well. Please check back and let us know if she is okay.


Hiding Cat