Simple Home Remedies for Cat Ear Mites

Ann Roberts
Cat Ear Exam

If your kitty is scratching her ears a lot and you're seeing signs of a minor mite infestation, you can try some easy home remedies for ear mites. Start by very carefully cleaning out the ear canal, and then treat your cat and your home with this simple procedure. Keep in mind, if your cat's mite problem is severe, it may necessitate a trip to the vet.

Steps in Home Treatment for Ear Mites

1. Clean Your Cat's Ears

Once you or your vet have properly recognized mites as being the problem, your first step in handling this condition is to clean out your cat's ear canal. Many types of oils can be used for this procedure from mineral oil to olive or corn oils and even jojoba oil, which is often available at health food stores. Using cotton swabs and warm oil (to soften the debris), you will want to delve carefully into your cat's ear and remove as much of the dark matter as possible.

2. Use Miticide Drops

Next, you will want to pour miticide ear drops into your cat's ear canal and hold this solution in place for half a minute to a minute. These anti-mite ear drops can be purchased at most pet stores. Some people who are fond of natural home remedies for cat ear mites recommend using infusions of yellow root extract every other day to treat the mites, although this method may not be as immediately effective at relieving the infestation as a miticide sold through a pet supply store. It is extremely important that cat owners focus on the most effective means of mite elimination since these pests come back quickly and with a vengeance.

3. Provide Ongoing Treatment

Ear mites lay eggs that hatch within about four days. Thus, a single application of ear drops is not enough. You must continue this process for several weeks. Moreover, mites travel all over your cat's body. During this time, you will need to bathe your cat several times with a feline flea treatment shampoo over the course of about six weeks.

4. Treat Other Pets

You will also need to treat any other pets in your household with the same treatment protocol since mites are highly communicable. Chances are, your other pets are also harboring these rapidly proliferating creatures.

Eliminate Ear Mites from Your Home

As if this were not enough, mites are very similar to fleas in that they can house themselves temporarily in your carpets and upholstery. You'll need to vacuum your home repeatedly to remove the mite eggs. Although mites can only survive efficiently on a host organism, they can easily lay eggs around your house. Other feline-safe extermination techniques may also be necessary for thorough pest elimination. Since mite eggs hatch after only a few days, you'll want to cleanse habitually for several weeks along with your pet treatments.

Prevention Is Key

In order to prevent a mite infestation from occurring on your pets, there is only one truly effective way to avoid these common creatures. You need to keep your pets indoors and away from other animals. This may involve a difficult transition period for your pets, but it will be more than worth it to avoid mites, fleas and the horde of other threats that exist for a pet in the outdoors.

Simple Home Remedies for Cat Ear Mites