How Cats Communicate Questions

There are few sounds in this world as comforting as that of a purring feline.

Visitors ask questions about how their feline friends communicate. From purring, to meowese, cats have a complicated and vocal language to share with owners.

Visitor Questions About Cat Communication

Cat Not Purring

Hi. I adopted a grey male neutered cat a few months ago. They guess his age to be around two or three. He is very happy, sweet and affectionate, but I noticed that he never purrs. I even feel his throat to detect any motion but there is none. Are there some breeds of cats that just don't purr? I'm not sure, but he may be a Russian Blue. Just very curious. Thanks much!~~Diamond

Expert Reply

Hi Diamond,

Domestic cats are born with the ability to purr. Purring is something kittens start when they are nursing their mothers. Many mothers also purr to their kittens to reassure the babies that they are near. Cats do not always purr because they are happy, but will sometimes purr when frightened or in pain. Although there are many reasons a cat might purr, no one is sure exactly how the mechanism works that creates the purring sound.

It is possible that your cat is still growing used to his new environment and not yet sure of you or is surroundings. He may well purr as he grows more comfortable. As long as he seems healthy and happy, I wouldn't worry.


How Cats Communicate Questions