How to Pick a Cat Bed

Cat bed

When it comes to picking a cat bed, you have a variety of choices with the internet, catalogs, and so many new pet stores. Whether you have one cat or six, there are some important things to consider when it comes to selecting the best bed.

Cat Bed Options

  • One option is what is called a kitty condo, with names like the Leopard Room, the Purple Tiger room, the MC-Highgate Tower, Kitty Corner and the Trump Tower, just to name a few.
  • The Comfort Curler (a donut shaped bed) is so affordable that you could get one for upstairs and one for downstairs, to match just about any décor. It is covered in soft fleece or fur with a washable cover and a bolster to rest their head on.
  • A window perch is another great option, giving your cat a view to always look out on the world. These too come in fabric, faux fur and a host of other options.
  • Cat trees include a bed on top and playgrounds where they can get exercise. Another style is called the Crow's Nest, that includes a scratching post and a bed on top. The Crow's Nest also comes with a hanging rope to climb on, and is covered with either Berber or plush shag carpeting, in the color of your choice.
  • They even now have a computer perch, with a washable cover and an adjustable way for the bed to go up and down. This will keep your cat off your computer keyboard and still let them sleep near you while you work.
Cat looking up on cat tower


These beds and furniture can get quite costly, so I suggest you set a budget before you start looking. Do you want a whole room for your cats or do you have one corner in your house where you have room for your kitty condo? Would you prefer just to have a nice basket bed upstairs and maybe a cuddle curler bed downstairs? Once you have an idea, the prices range from $40 and up for the beds, to anywhere from under $100 for the most basic condo to $2,500 for the deluxe style. You can even get one custom made with your choice of fabrics and colors, ranging from $2,500 to $4,500.

What to Look For

When shopping for a cat bed, condo or tree, consider the following:

  • Make sure any cat tree you are considering is made of new carpet only, not carpet that has been recycled and chemically cleaned to make it look new. Try the smell test: sometimes you can smell the chemicals that were used.
  • Some come completely assembled, but if the one you choose doesn't, make sure it comes with complete assembly instructions.
  • Make sure the covers are washable so that odors and fleas don't live with Kitty.
  • Make sure they are made with non-clumping polyester filling.
  • Check that it is non-toxic for your pet.
  • Does your cat like to stretch out or cuddle up? Make sure they have enough room for both by measuring your cat from head to tail and adding a few more inches.
  • If your cat is very heavy, make sure your tree or condo will hold them and not tip over when they jump on it. (Most cat trees are weighted so this won't happen.)
  • If you have an elderly cat, consider a heated bed -- this can really help with arthritis in the winter.

Getting Your Cat to Use the Bed

The following is a list of tips for getting Kitty used to the new bed:

  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION -- start off by placing the bed where your cat already sleeps, then slowly move it to their new room or to where you want it in your home.
  • Cats love sunny spots and warm spots, so try that first.
  • Some cats like to be high up, so you may want to find a higher location for the bed.
  • Try a little catnip if your cat loves this. (Remember, kittens under six months of age are not usually interested in catnip. If you have a kitten, and they aren't interested in the catnip ploy, try using one of their favorite toys in their bed instead.)
  • And last (but never least), always remember to praise your kitty!
    Cat sleeping in cat bed near the window

Final Thoughts

Doing your research for this purchase will make a world of difference for you and your cat. If your cat needs to have exercise, then choose the tree or condo, as this will encourage both with a nice sleeping place. If you don't have the room, then go for comfort and style - unlike 10 years ago, today you do not have to pick one or the other. The only thing that will limit you is your imagination, because the choices are seemingly unlimited.

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