Inside Advice from the Makers of Kitty Lounge

Kitty Lounge stackable litter tray system

Cat lovers everywhere are constantly seeking the latest and best litter boxes and trays on the market. One brand offers a unique product and insights into the disposable cat little tray market.

Exclusive "Kitty Lounge" Interview with Argee

The Invention

Created by Argee Corporation, a company known for ground-breaking products such as "Let's Edge It" and "Tabletop Gardener", the "Kitty Lounge" is unique in many ways. The product was created out of the need of the company's owners, who have cats of their own both at home and in their production facilities. LTK was pleased to get the inside "scoop" from Robert Goldman, President of Argee Corporation. Mr. Goldman is an engineer and has a definite "do-it-yourself" philosophy. He has designed all of the Argee products with the end user in mind, and has tried out all the products himself. In fact, most of them come from a need he finds in his day-to-day life. He holds many patents.

LoveToKnow (LTK): The "Kitty Lounge" is basically a series of disposable plastic trays. Can you tell our readers a little more about how the system works?

Robert Goldman (RG): A small stack of "Kitty Lounge" trays are set on the floor with litter placed in the top tray. When the litter becomes sufficiently soiled, just lift out the top tray with the dirty litter and toss it away.

LTK: How did the concept for the "Kitty Lounge" come about?

RG: We had two factory cats here at Argee and also had cats at home. No one wanted to clean the litter, thus the "Kitty Lounge" was invented.

LTK: How many trays come in a set, and about how long can owners expect a stack to last?

RG: The "Kitty Lounge" comes in set of 50 and 100. Everyone has a different idea on what is clean and what is a strong odor, so it's difficult to put an estimate on how long a stack will last. We always advise cat owners to dispose of the top tray as often as they feel necessary.

Advantages to Disposable Trays

LTK: What are the advantages to disposable trays?

RG: The principle advantage of using this system is that it is ultimately more sanitary than non-disposable litter boxes. The odor from cat urine is caused by a strong ammonia content. Over a short period of time, the ammonia in the urine permeates the plastic tray and will not wash out. It doesn't matter how much is paid for the trays, they all eventually succumb to the ammonia. Also, there is less reason for human contact with the used litter. Pregnant women and anyone with HIV should not handle dirty litter. An added advantage is that cats are usually happier with clean litter boxes and are more inclined to use them!

LTK: Is there a significant cost savings in purchasing a larger quantity of trays at a time?

RG: Yes. Purchasing in volume is almost always less expensive. Also, as anyone will tell you in this day and age, time is at a premium. The "Kitty Lounge" is a time saver!

LTK: What types of litter work best with the "Kitty Lounge"?

RG: Any type of litter will work well. The nice thing about the "Kitty Lounge" is that people can still use their cat's favorite brand, so switching to the disposable trays rarely causes a problem.

LTK: Where can readers purchase one of these systems?

RG: At the present time, the "Kitty Lounge" is only available from Argee Corporation through or by calling 800-449-3030.

LTK: What about those of us who are scooping fiends and scoop several times a day? Is this system still cost effective?

RG: Yes, it really is still cost effective. Remember, not only are the trays inexpensive, but they are convenient to use.

Argee Good for the Environment

Lifting out the top stackable litter tray

In today's environmentally conscientious society, many people are looking for products that use recycled elements and will not leave a huge footprint.

LTK: The trays are made from recycled plastic; what are the advantages of this?

RG: The trays are made of recycled plastic to keep the costs down and keep plastic out of the landfills. It also saves a little oil from being used to make new plastic for these trays. We try to do what we can, and the trays themselves can also be recycled if pet owners choose to do so.

LTK: Any other plans for products that will make the lives of pet owners a bit easier?

RG: Sorry, at the present time we don't have any plans for any new products, but you never know when a great idea will present itself.

LTK: Anything you'd like to add?

RG: Thank you for the opportunity for us to tell your visitors about a product to help make life easier for them and their cats.

LoveToKnow would like to thank the Robert Goldman for taking the time to tell us about their interesting product in this "Kitty Lounge" interview. For those who are always looking for new ways to keep the litter box cleaner than ever before, this might just be the perfect solution.

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Inside Advice from the Makers of Kitty Lounge