Options for Luxury Cat Beds and Furniture

Liz Armstrong
A Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest cat tree
A Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest cat tree

If you believe that your cat deserves so much more than the usual run-of-the mill cat furniture, opt for decking him out with a luxury cat bed. After all, whether you have a Grumpy Cat or a Garfield, your cat deserves only the finest!

Upscale Cat Trees

In the wild, cats of all breeds enjoy climbing trees. Just because your kitty is an indoor-only feline, doesn't mean that his desire to climb has gone away. Bring out your cat's wild side by bringing trees inside.

A Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest

A Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest are fantasy-inspired cat trees for 'spoiled kitties' are wider than most other cat trees and are hollow inside, with shelves layered at differing heights within the trunk. This allows your cat the freedom to climb up the inside of the trunk and rest on any one of the inside shelves while viewing the world through one of the entrance holes. Your cat can continue climbing to the very top of the tree to enjoy the scenery from the tree top's lounging platform, or curl up at the bottom of the tree trunk and snooze the day away.

A few of the larger trees include an enchanted fairy door. For utter opulence, choose their 10' Fantasy Tree with your choice of three different trims: luxury fur, wood exterior, and fabric bark. As these are custom creations there are many options available to customize the tree to match not only your decor but also the exercise needs of your cat. Prices range from $1,800 up to $2,000.

Cat Resort Luxury Cat Tree

The Cat Resort Luxury Cat Tree is a charmingly designed cat tree from CatsPlay Cat Furniture Superstore that has the look and feel of a real, four-foot tall tree, complete with luscious silk leaves and three perches for your cat to climb, explore, and relax. At around $500, your cat will enjoy having a unique tree dwelling.

Hand-Crafted Tree Houses

CatsPlay Cat Furniture Superstore also carries a selection of Hand-Crafted Tree Houses. With prices ranging between $700 and $1,300, the trees are available in different sizes, such as the Sapling Cat Tree, the Medium Cat Tree, the Large Cat Tree, and the Large Cat Tree House. These real trees are commissioned pieces, so do be prepared to wait four to six weeks after ordering.

Luxurious Cat Beds

Just like with people beds, the most luxurious cat beds will also likely be the most comfortable. Keep an eye out for shapes and styles that will keep your cat warm and snug.

Kittypod Cat Habitat and Scratch Lounge

Kittypod Cat Habitat and Scratch Lounge is a unique, raised, cradle-style bed. It costs around $300 from Just4MyPet and is shaped for your cat's ultimate comfort and support. The bed not only offers a comfy nest for your cat to sleep in, but the sides are designed for sharpening kitty claws.

Marie-Antoinette Cat Bed

Treat your cat like the royalty she is with the $1, 2000 Marie-Antoinette Cat Bed. Created by Une Vie de Chateau, this gilded frame bed is sold via the Organic Pet Boutique. This online boutique prides itself in selling hypoallergenic pet beds made from organic materials.

Inspired by the neoclassical period of Marie-Antoinette's reign, this luxurious canopy cat bed is available in either pink or taupe with coordinating upholstered material in two contrasting color schemes with real ostrich feathers adorning the top.

The sturdy upholstered damask material will inhibit your cat's natural scratching tendencies and, since most cats crave a sense of security and privacy, they are more apt to curl up inside the bed than try to climb on top. The bed is strong and sturdy, weighing over 20 pounds, so it is highly unlikely that your cat will be able to knock it over.

Lavish Cat Furniture Options

The best place to look for unique cat furniture is probably the Refined Feline. Their range of Cat Towers look like something you will find in an art gallery instead of a pet shop.

Lotus Cat Tower

Lotus Cat Tower has a dark wood finish, which is perfect for people who prefer classic designs. It also features a number of places where your cat can scratch and climb. The cost is around $400 including shipping.

Park Place Cat Condo

Park Place Cat Condo, from Playtime Workshop, has four separate condos for cats to explore. Extra-large upper beds can easily handle two cats at a time. There are also two interconnecting single rooms for 'guests' to sleep in and the gym is specially designed with a low center of gravity so it won't topple over - and for a $620 investment that is important to know.

Choose the Best Option

With so many lush options, it is best to take your time when selecting your cat's furniture. This purchase will be with you and your cat for many years to come, so make sure you choose the best possible option for your cat's needs.

Options for Luxury Cat Beds and Furniture