Adorable Munchkin Cat Gallery

Munchkin Cat Gallery

You won't believe the cuteness overload of these Munchkin cat photos, which feature the unique breed of cat with short legs and long bodies. Due to their squat appearance, many people have referred to Munchkins as the "Dachshund" of the cat world.

Short Legs

The Munchkin's short legs are the result of a genetic mutation. Kittens in the same litter can have varying lengths of legs. Typically, the front legs are a bit shorter than the back legs.

The Wizard of Oz

If you find yourself clicking your heels together over these cute little cats, it probably won't surprise you that they are named Munchkins after the characters in the movie The Wizard of Oz. This is due to the short stature of both the actors and the cats.

All Colors

The Munchkin comes in just about any color or pattern you can imagine in a cat. There are tabby cats, solid colored felines and even calicos.


As a breed, Munchkins are easy going and calm. They love children and are friendly toward everyone they meet. Although there are always variations from one cat to the next, a Munchkin should be a fairly social addition to your family.

Short Haired Munchkin

The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes two classes of Munchkins for competition: The Munchkin and the Munchkin Longhair. Pictured here is the Munchkin. Notice its sleek, shiny coat. Although the fur is classified as short, the coat is actually medium in length.

Long Haired

Pictured here is a long-haired Munchkin cat. If you choose to get a long-haired cat, you'll need to groom him regularly to keep his fur from becoming matted.

Munchkins make wonderful pets. In addition to their warm, loving personalities, they are just plain cute! You'll find that Munchkins don't have the spinal problems typically encountered in dogs with similar stature. This is due to the difference between feline and canine spines.

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Adorable Munchkin Cat Gallery