189 Creative Names for Black Cats

Black cat

When it comes to names for black cats, there are so many amazing options like Batman, Black Jack, and Binks. Whether your kitty is a male or a female, take some time to browse through the most awesome and unique names for your sleek, dark friend.

Traditional Black Cat Names

You may have heard these names before, but at least a few will be new to you. Many of them have something to do with being "dark" in some way.

Traditional Black Cat Names
Abracadabra Black Orchid Eight Ball Moon Shadow Salem
Ace Blackout Enigma Mystery Santana
Alacazam Black Top Evil Mystic Satan
Ash Blind Spot Fate Morticia Shade
Ashes Carbon Grimalkin Mourning Glory Shady Character
Ashley Charcoal Hades Necromancer Shadow
Asher Cinders Hecate Nevermore Silhouette
Ashton Coal Hocus Pocus Nightmare Smudge
Batman Coal Dust Immortal Night Rider Soot
Beelzebub Conjurer Ink Nightshade Spade
Bewitched Crow Inky Ninja Spellbound
Blackamoor Crypt Keeper Ink Spot Obsidian Spooky
Black Bart Darth Vader Inkwell Omen Spot
Black Beauty Death Jet Onyx Superstition
Black Beard Deadzone LeStat Panther Tarmac
Blackberry Diablo Licorice Persephone Undertaker
Blackie Diabolique Lucifer Phantom Unlucky
Black Crow Dirtball Magic Piewacket Voodoo
Black Jack Dusk Menace Poe Wicca
Black Magic Ebony Midnight Raven Witchipoo
Black Olive Eclipse Midnight Runner Sabrina Wizard

Ironic Black Cat Names

For those of you who like to buck the trends and overlook the obvious, here are some names which would be quite ironic for a black cat since they all mean or represent something white, bright, or the opposite of black. Maybe one of these will appeal to your wry sense of humor.

Ironic Feline Names
Alba Chrysanthemum Flash Icicle Sparkle
Bianca Cream Puff Fluffy Lucky Sunny
Blanche Crystal Frosty Salty Sunshine
Blizzard Cue Ball Ghost Snowman Vanilla
Blondie Diamond Ice Snowflake Whitey

Names Drawn From Pop Culture

Whether the inspiration comes from a TV show, a singer, an actor, or a sports personality, pop culture offers a treasure trove of name ideas. Give your feline one of these monikers as an ode to pop culture.

Pop Cultures Names for Black Cats
Aaliyah Empire Madea Raven-Symone Spike Lee
Aretha Fantasia Maya Angelou Rihanna Taraji
Beyoncé Fresh Prince Minaj Scandal Taye Diggs
Black-ish Homeboy Miss Ross Seal Tupac
Braxton India Arie M. J. Serena Tyson
Chappelle Jay-Z Mo'Nique Shaq Urkel
Coolio Kanye Ne-Yo Sharpton Usher
Denzel Kobe Oprah Snoop Dog Venus
Drake Lil' Wayne Prince Solange Whitney
Ellington Little Boss Pryor Soul Train Yeezy

Famous Black Cats

Some are real; others are characters from television, films and cartoons. No matter where they came from, they have some great names you can borrow.

  • Black cat with green eyes
    Binx - This immortal cat from the movie Hocus Pocus is actually a young man who was turned into a cat by three witches.
  • Blackie - Although the name's not very original, the story is quite interesting. Blackie's owner was a wealthy antique dealer who left approximate $12.5 million to his beloved cat to be used for his care.
  • Boo Boo Kitty - Boo Boo Kitty may have just been a stuffed animal, but he brought comfort to his owner Shirley in the TV sitcom Laverne & Shirley.
  • Cole - If you frequent Instagram, you probably already know of Cole and his cat Marmalade. These two felines help promote pet adoptions.
  • Felix the Cat - This cartoon kitty always seems to find himself in all sorts of crazy situations.
  • Luna - This anime feline with a crescent moon on her forehead is the guardian cat from the Sailor Moon series.
  • Salem - This is the troublemaking cat from the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Salem was a warlock who was turned into a cat as punishment for his naughty ways.
  • Snowball II - From the long-running show, The Simpsons, this cat inherited its ill-fitting name from the original family pet who was white. There have been additional Snowballs on the show over the years with Snowball V billed as "the new and improved Snowball II"- at least until its luck runs out.
  • Pluto - Fans of Edgar Allan Poe will recognize this unfortunate feline who gets revenge from the afterlife in the author's story The Black Cat.

Choosing the Perfect Name for Black Baby Kittens

While you can name your beautiful black cat anything you want to, sometimes it's fun to choose a name according to the characteristics of the individual animal. In this case, your kitty's dark fur usually serves as the first inspiration. Once you get beyond your cat's color, you can begin thinking about its personality and use that to guide your choices. Is your cat sweet, a bit naughty, or perhaps intellectual? Tailor the name you choose to your cat's true self, and you can't go wrong.

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189 Creative Names for Black Cats