Pictures of Black Cats

Kitty and cream

If you enjoy looking a pictures of black cats, you're going to love this gallery.

About Black Cats

Black cats are the stuff of legend. Although there's something just a bit special about every feline, these cats stimulate our collective psyche like no other.

In centuries past, black cats were eyed with suspicion. They were believed to be the familiars of witches and accomplices to casting magical spells. They were regarded as omens of bad luck when Friday the 13th rolled around, a stigma that still persists to this day. Let a black cat cross your path on this day, and you just might be in for a bit of trouble.

Of course, we're more enlightened these days, and we realize that black cats are just like other felines. Some are a bit stand-offish, while others are downright sweethearts. Still, we love to look at them, and that's probably why you're checking out these pictures of black cats right now.


Alluring Pictures of Black Cats

On the prowl
Eyes of gold
Ultimate black cat
Siamese type
Queen of the house


Pictures of Black Cats