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Whether they're posed or simply caught in the act of doing what comes naturally, there's no denying that these funny kittens are simply adorable. It's a shame that kittens have to grow up so quickly!

Young Kitty In a Shoe

You've heard the nursery rhyme about the old lady who lived in a shoe. This little kitten decided to give it a try for herself and found out living in a boot is not all it's cracked up to be.

Pool Playing Kitty

This kitten was having fun playing pool her way until she realized she was running out of balls.

Knit One, Purl Two

Who's just playing in the yarn? This little kitten has made herself a snazzy scarf, and she's going back to make some matching mittens.

Future Cat In the Hat

This little kitten has star ambitions.She's poised and ready for a sequel to the time-tested, well-loved children's story!

Tea for Two

These tiny kittens might just find themselves in some hot water if they don't find someplace else to play. Maybe they're waiting around for a tea party!

Brush Everyday

This kitten is developing good brushing habits. No kitty cavities or fishy breath here!

Read the Fine Print

Here's a little kitten who's determined not to miss a single detail. How's that for curiosity?

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Funny Kittens Gallery