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Silly Cats Doing Funny Things

From the common tabby to the exotic Turkish Angora, silly cats are adored the world over. Cats can make great companions, but they can also be a great source of laughs when you capture them during amusing moments. Get your funny bone ready because it's about to be tickled with a double dose of catnip. Hey! Where'd Tweety go?

Some Canned Meat

Some cats have a more discerning palate than others. They might refuse to eat dry cat food for any number of possible reasons. What this cat might not realize is that the Vienna sausages she's stealing off the kitchen counter still come out of a can, just like her regular dinner. Tastes like chicken!

Happy Birthday to Meow

Despite the common belief that they're natural born enemies, cats and dogs can get along sometimes. They just need to have the right motivation - as might be the case with a birthday cake. Then again, this kitty looks like he's going to snatch that cake away the moment Rover looks away.

Cat and Mouse Game

Some cats enjoy catching an actual mouse. Other cats are content playing with a toy mouse, especially one stuffed with catnip. But not this tabby. He's much more interested in a different kind of mouse, the one he uses for fragging n00bs in his favorite online game, Call of Duty: Modern War-feline.

Going for a Dip

Many cats boast the uncanny ability to hide in the most inexplicable of hiding places. They can sneak into the narrowest of spaces and you'd never know they were there. Other kitties, on the other hand, aren't so great at hiding. This silly cat thinks this bowl provides the perfect camouflage, but really she's just getting in the way of more guacamole.

One Festive Feline

As the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, one festive feline is brimming with more cuteness than you can likely bear! Most people understand that cats are infatuated with rodents, but untangling this rat's nest of Christmas lights probably isn't what her family had in mind. Happy holidays!

The Tables Have Turned

If a mouse had an opportunity to catch a cat, what would it do? Either way, it's clear enough that this is not a good day for this cat! Now you're left to wonder whether it would be more frightening if a mouse grew to giant proportions or if a cat shrunk down to a scale where a mouse could pick him up like that.

Go With the Flow

While most cats despise getting wet with a vengeance, some breeds actually enjoy swimming. And then there are unique individuals like this kitty. He looks like he's simultaneously comfortable in the water and anxious to claw out the eyes of his agent the first opportunity he gets.

When you're ready for some more great laughs, there are plenty of funny cat videos ready to be pounced on. Some kitten jumps might not make it, but they always land on their feet, right?

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Silly Cat Pictures