Tabby Cat Pictures of Different Breeds

Gallery of Tabby Cat Pictures

The following tabby cat pictures show what this prolific coat pattern looks like across a number of cat breeds. Some breeds produce the pattern naturally, while others must be crossed with a tabby cat to achieve the desired pattern. Undoubtedly, tabby cats are popular wherever they are found. Just consider the cute tabby Scottish Fold pictured right, and the other pretty tabbies to follow.

Mackerel Tabby

The mackerel tabby pattern almost looks as if the cat was tie-dyed with stripes added.

Sphynx Tabby

Although Sphynx have almost no hair, the tabby pattern is clearly evident on this cat's skin.

Siamese Cross Tabby

The color points of the Siamese blended with distinct tabby markings certainly yield an interesting cat.

Manx Tabby

The glorious coat of this Manx cat really shows off the tiger tabby pattern.

Tabby Maine Coon Kitten

The tabby pattern looks stunning combined with the full rough and fluffy ear tips on this Maine Coon kitten.

Kurilian Bobtail Tabby

A cousin of the Japanese Bobtail, this Kurilian Bobtail is yet another beautiful example of the tabby pattern.

Persian Tabby Kitten

Combined with the flat face, the traditional tabby "M" really stands out on this Persian kitten.

Calico Tabby

The calico tabby is the result of two coat patterns combined. If you enjoyed these images, be sure to check out LTK's slideshow of Calico Cat Pictures.

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Tabby Cat Pictures of Different Breeds