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Suddenly Affectionate Cat

Woman hugging an affectionate tabby cat

Changes in cat behavior can worry pet owner's. One visitor asks why her cat is suddenly affectionate.

Visitors Ask Questions About Sudden Affection in Cats

Cat Is Suddenly Affectionate

Hello. My female cat just turned fifteen and was extremely independent all her life. She wasn't a lovey dovey cat like the male cat I had before her. She liked to stay by herself, wasn't a lap cat in any way and never slept in the same room as me. For the past year, she has been coming around, sitting on the couch next to me. Suddenly, she is pestering me a lot more and getting very excited to see me come home after she's been by herself all day. It's almost like she woke up and is now the lovey dovey cat I always wished she would've been. I know females are more independent than males. Is this just a sign of old age, or should I be worried? Thanks.~~Tara

Expert Reply

Hi, Tara,

Cats are strange creatures. I have a Siamese cat that has hated my husband since he gave her a bath when she was twelve weeks old. Trust me that she needed one! She is fifteen now as well, and she has suddenly decided that she really likes him. She will climb onto his lap and purr and rub all over him. I guess it took her fifteen years to forgive him.

I wouldn't worry about your cat unless she is showing other unusual symptoms. Things to watch for that might indicate illness would include:

As always, if you suspect a trip to the vet might be in order, you should make an appointment with the vet. Otherwise, just enjoy how sweet she has become. It's good that she's being more affectionate.


Suddenly Affectionate Cat