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Taking a Great Photo With Your Cat

Great photo of a cat under a chair

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take a great photo with your cat. Whether you're snapping a shot for the holiday card or just want a picture of you and Kitty to use as your profile photo online, there are some tools and strategies that will increase your chances of a successful cat photo session.

Getting Started Taking Cat Photos

Here's what you'll need:

  • Camera (digital or old fashioned disposable will work)
  • Toys
  • Lighting
  • Treats
  • And, of course, your cat!

Since cats have a mind of their own, getting them to pose or putting peanut butter on their mouth for a funny expression isn't going to work. But if your cat likes catnip, you're in business. Give kitty a little catnip and watch him go - you're certain to get some great shots. If your cat is not a catnip fan, I suggest using some toys, the fishing pole, a paper bag, wind-up mouse, or the great outdoors in your backyard (make sure it's fenced in). Bells and whistles, as well as treats that kitty can't refuse are also great to use.

Wait for Your Moment

Once you've set the scene, I have found it's best just to sit and wait. Cats are animals of prey. You must have patience. Unlike the dog that will roll over and do anything, a cat is far more sophisticated and aloof. He is the inevitable hunter - the difference here is that you are hunting kitty for the all important great photo. So take a page out of kitty's book, be patient, be ready to stalk, and have fun. You will get that great photo!

Using Props

Does your cat have a favorite chair, couch or bed, or does she prefer your kitchen counter or even the top of the refrigerator? Wait for when your cat is relaxed, then put her in her favorite place, start talking to her and use the whistle, bell, or fishing pole to get some expressions. Their paws will come in the air, their ears will stand up, their tails will wag - it's all about patience when photographing your cat. Sure you can hire a professional, but I still think there is something bonding and fun about taking the shot yourself. Only your cat can give you that special look that you know and love so much.

Additionally, you may want to try black and white film since it has some great contrasts to it.

With these helpful tips, you too can be sending your holiday photos with kitty on the front.

The Results of Taking a Great Photo with Your Cat

Want to see the kind of great photos you can create? View the photos in any of these slideshows for plenty of inspiration.

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Taking a Great Photo With Your Cat