Unique Cat Toys

Kitty Paw Print Slant Board Gym
Kitty Paw Print Slant Board Gym

Unique cat toys can keep your pet entertained, and they're almost as much fun for you as they are for your furry friend.

Beyond Ordinary

Your cat is no ordinary feline, so why should she settle for ordinary toys? What your favorite furry companion needs are unique cat toys that offer maximum stimulation to keep her mind and her body healthy and active. This in turn lowers her stress levels and may even lead to a longer life.

A Collection of Unique Cat Toys

Once you start looking for truly unique and entertaining cat toys, you'll be amazed at the choices waiting for you. Here is just a small sample of what you'll find.


A battery-operated, high-tech version of kitty's ball of string, the Fling-Ama-String will keep your cat entertained for hours. The unit is ready to hang over any door knob, and when activated, it will tease your cat or kitten with a wiggling string. The string is short enough for your pet's safety, and it occasionally disappears back into the unit to titillate your pet, only to reappear seconds later. Most cats will find this very unique toy irresistible. The Fling-Ama-String retails for about $24.00.

Zanies Laser Mouse

What cat can resist chasing a laser beam? The Zanies Laser Mouse projects a 160 foot beam of pinpoint light for your cat to chase. Just point it at the floor and watch your cat attack it. Move it around the room and your pet will follow in hot pursuit! This toy is just as much fun for people as it is for cats. The Zanies Laser Mouse retails for $10.00.

Zanies Tunnel Of Fun

Cats love crawling into hiding places, and experiencing interesting sounds and textures. This toy combines all three. Zanies Tunnel Of Fun offers your cat plenty of opportunities to tunnel, with three separate entrances. The plush fabric is filled with crackle material for extra stimulation. Your cat can play to her heart's content or take a nap in seclusion whenever the mood hits her. This tunnel toy retails for up to $40.00.

Kitty Hoots CatFisher Rod 'n Reel

When it's time for you and kitty to go fishing, do it in style with the Kitty Hoots CatFisher Rod 'n Reel. This rod set comes with a catnip filled lure to really spark your pet's interest. Cast out to "bait" your cat, and then reel her back in. Her acrobatics while trying to catch the lure will give her plenty of exercise, and she'll also get to exercise all those predatory instincts in a harmless way.The Kitty Hoots CatFisher Rod 'n Reel collapses for easy storage, and retails for about $22.00.

Fat Cat CatFisher Garden Mitt Catnip Toy

Now if you're really searching for unusual cat toys, here's one that will take a bit of daring to put into full use. The Fat Cat CatFisher Garden Mitt Catnip Toy is a garden glove equipped with small, catnip filled lures attached to the finger tips. Just put it on and dangle it in front of kitty if you dare. This toy is designed for interactive fun. The lures are designed to be removable and interchangeable. This toy retails for $13.00.

Sweet Lounge Cat Scratcher Bed

It's a bed. No, it's a scratching toy. Actually, it's both! The Sweet Lounge Cat Scratcher Bed is made from eco-friendly, heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, and is suitable for scratching or lounging, whichever your cat is in the mood for. Scratching helps your cat keep her nails in good condition, and it also stretches and tones her legs and upper body. The design is quite modern and attractive, and it looks good with almost any décor. This unique combination unit retails for $140.00.

Kitty Paw Print Slant Board Gym

If you don't have space for a full-sized cat tree, the Kitty Paw Print Slant Board Gym is a nice alternative. The unit comes equipped with a scratching board, and three climbing posts with hanging sisal balls attached. This miniature gym retails for just $22.00.


Your local pet supply may carry some unique cat toys, but you can also find more unusual toys at the following online retailers.

Kitty playing with her Fling-Ama-String
Unique Cat Toys