World's Ugliest Cats

sphinx kitten

While every breed of cat may turn out an ugly kitten once in a while, many people would say that the world's ugliest cat is undoubtedly the Sphinx kitten.

Sphinx Cat

The Sphinx, or Sphynx, is an unusual breed of cat that is generally hypoallergenic. This is because it is a breed of cat that literally has no hair. With large ears and no fur to soften the angles of its face and body, the Sphinx takes some getting used to.

hairless canadian sphynx cat
Mottled Canadian Sphinx

It is an intelligent and loving creature, but Sphinx kittens can be so ugly that they are unrecognizable as felines. Some people, looking at a newborn kitten with its eyes still closed would have difficulty in determining what they were actually looking at. The kittens have a myriad of rolls and ripples similar to a Shar Pei puppy but even more extensive. As they grow and fill out they begin to be more recognizable as felines.

Egyptian sphynx
Egyptian sphynx

There are a few websites that have pictures of these kittens as well as the adult cats.

  • Seymour Sphynx Cattery has pages of pictures of the Sphinx cat. The pictures are wonderful examples of the breed.

Other Unique Breeds

While the Sphinx may have the tendency to be the ugliest breed of cat in the world, and is certainly the ugliest kitten, there are other breeds that might deserve the title as well.

Depending on your definition of ugly the Munchkin, with its oddly short legs, could be considered ugly by some people. The legs of this unique breed are mere inches long, giving the cat a low to the ground silhouette similar to a dachshund.

devon rex cat
Devon Rex

Some people think the Devon Rex is an unattractive cat. Certainly with its oversized ears and gawky neck, it is less cuddly and cute than many of its feline cousins.

Another odd looking breed is the Scottish Fold Cat. These felines have ears that are close to their heads. This gives them a comical, almost angry appearance.

Scottish Fold cat
Scottish Fold cat

Random Pictures of the World's Ugliest Cats

Some of these cats are so ugly that they are cute. Here is a random sampling of the world's ugliest cats.

  • This cat surely could get a part in a horror movie.
  • Hitler Cat was part of a "Cats that Look Like Hitler" contest.
Roland the demonic cat

Ugly Feline Expressions

Sometimes an otherwise attractive cat can have an ugly expression. Whether it is because it was caught in a moment of anger, protecting its territory, or just snoozing and having a bad kitty dream, even the best looking cats can be caught with ugly expressions. Other times, a medical condition or illness can cause a cat to appear ugly.

aggressive cat
You talkin' to me?
cat with skin condition
Cat with ugly skin condition
angry cat
Angry cat

What's Inside Counts

No matter what you are talking about, whether it is ugly cats or some other odd looking pet, it is what is on the inside that counts. No matter how ugly the ugliest cat in the world may be he has a special place in the heart of his owner.

People who love cats enjoy everything about them; their purr, they way they snuggle up on your lap, the amusing things they do. Ugly or not a cat is a wonderful pet to have.

World's Ugliest Cats