9 Funny Cat Videos

small cat tearing a hole

For some reason, people enjoy taking a break from the hassle and stress of everyday life by watching funny cat videos. In fact, according to Ben Huh of the Cheeseburger Network, cat videos, funny or not, dominate the Internet. Laughing at these funny cats is a good way to relieve stress and boredom when there is nothing interesting to do. Fortunately, you do not have to be a cat lover to be entertained by these hilarious feline antics.

Maru: Boxful of Kitty

Maru is a well-known, popular kitty on YouTube, famous for his love of boxes. He is a Scottish Fold, which means his ears bend forward and down because of a fold in the ear cartilage.

Tickle, Tickle Kitten

When it comes to funny cats, videos can also focus on the sweetest type of humor. This adorable kitten is too cute for words and holds the unofficial title of "America's Cutest Kitten," which was bestowed by Animal Planet.

Everyone Screams for Ice Cream

Ice cream is a popular treat for most individuals, but this cat might just be one of the biggest ice cream lovers on the planet. When the owner tryies to take the icy treat away from this cat, funny challenges ensue.

Shark Kitty Chases a Duck

Some videos include more than just cats; ducks can also make a hilarious appearance as supporting cast members. Max-Arthur (aka Shark Kitty) loves dressing in a shark costume and riding a Roomba vacuum. Watching him chasing this duck is uproariously funny.

No Bath Kitty

In this funny cat video, a Savannah cat momma is determined to give her kitten a bath, but this little kitty is feeling rebellious. Who will prevail - mother or offspring?

Bad to the Bone

Even the sweetest kitten can turn mean when it comes to sharing a tasty bone. Who knew such a tiny kitten could emit such loud, ferocious growls to protect its food?

Kitty Fitness

These two felines are getting a work out, and it appears their humans are helping them out by gradually cranking up the speed of the treadmill. However, in spite of all the odds, these kitties just keep coming back for more.

Amazing Cat Talent

A couple named Betsy and Burrell rescued Nora, the famous piano playing cat, from an animal shelter. Imagine how surprised her owners were when, after watching Betsy teaching a student to play the piano, Nora jumped onto the keyboard and began playing as well.

Going for a Swim

Millie the cat surprises her owners by jumping out of their boat and going for a swim. It looks like not all cats hate the water after all.

Funny Cat Videos to Make You Laugh

According to the experts at WebMD, finding something to laugh about can help individuals who feel run down and low on energy feel better. However, no matter whether you are feeling a little blue or fit as a fiddle, there are plenty of reasons to take a break and enjoy some funny cat videos to lift your spirits. Now that you've had a taste of some of the funny cat vids on the Internet, you may want to do a search and find more. In addition to videos about cats and their hijinks, you can also find lots of funny feline photos by searching the Web.

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