Irresistible Persian Cat Pictures

Kelly Roper

Persian Cat Photo Gallery

This gallery of Persian cat pictures shows that, while all cats are fascinating, the beauty of the Persian is in a class all by itself. Take a few minutes to contemplate this breed in all its glory.

So Many Colors

Persians come in so many colors and patterns that it's difficult to choose a favorite.


Persians have a sweet and soulful expression that can melt the hardest heart.

Simply Stunning

Of course, there's no shortage of glamor with this breed. This gorgeous copper-eyed white Persian is absolutely stunning.

Completely Charming

This little Persian kitten is so cute it doesn't seem possible that she's real. How could anyone resist her charms?


It's obvious that this breed is extremely photogenic, and the breed's inner calm and poise always seems to shine through in Persian cat pictures.

A Star Is Born

The only way to describe this Persian's coat is absolutely "lush". She has spectacular star quality.

To Have and Hold

Not just beautiful, Persians are also quite cuddly. Imagine gathering this ball of silky fluff into your arms.

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Kelly Roper
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Irresistible Persian Cat Pictures