When Do Cats Stop Growing? Different Growth Stages Explained

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Cats stop growing around 12 months. With this in mind, breed and gender play a factor in growth. For example, A Maine coon weighs up to 20 pounds and may not be full-grown until he is closer to five years old. Some cats reach their full size between 18 months and four years pending the breed!

When Do Cats Stop Growing?

A cat is generally full-grown at around 12 months, and some cats take longer. Some felines reach sexual maturity before adulthood, There are different development stages pet parents need to know about when planning for a kitten's future. Always talk to your breeder or shelter about the stages of development for a kitten and young adult.

Various Development Stages

At five days, kittens still cannot regulate temperature or open their eyes. By the time a kitten reaches 10 weeks, this little ball of fur has developed an independent character. At one-year-old many kittens are reaching adulthood, and it is time to consider transitioning your little buddy to adult cat food.

Five Days

The kitten, at five days, has some sense of the world, but his eyes are not open yet. In the first week, kittens stay close to mom and do little more than feed and sleep.

Two Weeks

The kitty's eyes are open, but the vision is imperfect. For a few weeks, all cat's eyes are blue, which gradually changes to a permanent color.

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Four Weeks

The kitty holds his tail erect as a balancing pole. Some of the cat's baby teeth have come through, and the digestive system may cope better with solid food.

Eight Weeks

At eight weeks, cats are active and fascinated by everything. Feline habits, including self-grooming and hunting, are practiced on toys or siblings.

Ten Weeks

The kitten is slowly reaching maturity and developing an independent character. The little kitties at this stage need a lot of supervision, as this growth period is when cats start to jump and climb.

Six Months

At six months, your cat is almost an adult! Start a discussion with your vet about whether you want to neuter your cat.

One Year

A cat around ten to 12 months may transition to adult cat food. Always talk to your vet about when it is appropriate to switch, as the larger breeds like the Maine coon may benefit from eating kitten food until he is two years old. This typically the stage when a cat stops growing and reaches adulthood.

Young 'Adult'

A young adult cat is a kitty between the age of one and six years. Larger breeds may reach maturity later on during this development stage.

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Large Cat Breeds Reach Adulthood Later

Larger felines reach maturity later than many normal-sized cats.

  • Maine coon cats are slow to mature and do not usually reach their full growth until five years old.
  • Savannah cats do not reach adulthood until two or three years old.
  • American bobtail felines are not considered adults until closer to two years old.

Vets May Help Answer Questions

A vet is an excellent resource for pet parents curious about when a cat reaches adulthood. If your breed is large or a dwarf, it is good to defer your questions to a vet when your cat needs to be neutered. Typically by ten weeks, your kitty is ready for his first set of vaccinations.

Most Cats Are Full Grown Around 12 Months

Gender and breed may impact when cats reach adulthood, but the age is typically between 10 and 12 months. Larger cat breeds reach maturity as young adults! If you live with a large breed, it is essential to talk with your vet about when to transition food to a young adult diet.

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