15 Cats Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You

Cat having a bath

So You've Had a Bad Day

Everyone has bad days, and sometimes you feel like there's no way that anyone could have had a worse day than you. Guess again! If you've suffered through a trying 24 hours, take a look at these cats who have obviously faced far worse.

Kitten in Dinosaur Costume

Sadasaurus Rex

After struggling with my human to avoid wearing this dinosaur costume, I've lost the battle and now have to suffer a humiliating photoshoot so that my humiliation can be shared with countless Facebook and Instagram followers.

Cat waiting at door

Good Idea at The Time

Sneaking out of the house while the humans were leaving to go to the movies seemed like a good idea at the time. Wasn't expecting the white stuff to be this cold, though. How long does a "movie" last, anyway?

Child feeding kittens

Stop Pushing Me About!

One minute I was just minding my own business, the next I'm kidnapped into this ridiculous looking pram, getting pushed about by an insane toddler who thinks force feeding me out of a bottle is my idea of fun. Why oh why does this always happen to me?

Kitten crying

I Could Just SCREAM!!!!!!

How come these people STILL don't understand what my mews mean? I mean, do I have to spell it out that this cat food is the WORST? I'm sick of being polite in my requests...I just wanna scream!!!

Bathing a cat

Soaked Through And Through

Seriously, did you have to go so crazy on the suds? I'm freezing, and wet, and watching my dignity go down the drain. Life totally sucks right now.

Cats hate birds

I Don't Want no Pigeons!

What the....is this some kind of a joke? I mean, where does this pigeon get off thinking they can just go and sit on me like that?

Cats Wearing Christmas Sweaters

Jumper Hater

Oh yes that's it, squeeze me into a sweater two sizes too small and sit me next to this dufus. Just what I've always wanted from life.

Bad cat

Doing Time

Hey, last time I check catching mice wasn't illegal? And now you've called me in to take my mug shot?

Cat in bunny suit

I'll Easter You!

For the last time, why do I have to keep on telling you I'm a CAT...not the Easter bunny. Isn't it time we finally set the record straight?

Cat on a Trellis

Seriously Stuck

Oh man, I was just trying to have a little peek at that foxy feline next door, and now look at me! A head wedged in a trellis is not a good look for any tom.

Cat in a shopping cart

Shopping Sadness

I never said I wanted to go shopping! And now not only do you drag me to the shops, but wheel me around in this stupid looking thing? What is someone sees me? My life is over.

Cat Can't Read Sign

If Only I Could Read

Hmmm....I have a suspicious feeling I shouldn't be up here. That sign looks kinda dangerous. If only I could read human and work out how to get down from here...

Drunk cat

Ughhhh....so Hungover!

When will I learn that I just can't hold my drink! I shouldn't have had that last beer and now I can't even lift my head and have no idea how to get home.

Cat dressed as a chicken

Feeling a Bit Chicken

So let me get this straight, I'm supposed to be catching birds and now you dress me as a chicken? What are you, some special kind of twisted?

Cat with wig

Trumped Cat

Seriously, though? I don't discuss politics with you, so why are you forcing them on me? And I mean literally. In the form of a Donald Trump wig. Made out of my own hair.

Cats usually have it pretty good - we show them lots of love and shower them with treats. But sometimes being a cat is not all it's cracked up to be. Feeling thankful that we don't have to deal with most of this? Yup, we definitely are.

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15 Cats Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You