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15 Funniest Pictures of Wet Cats

Angry Wet Cats

Cats can be cute and cuddly, but not when you add water. Maybe wet cats hate being wet because they know their humans will laugh at them. Or maybe they know their humans will take wet cats pictures and spread them over the internet so others can laugh at them too.

Watch Out For Those Claws

This little guy looks adorable even when wet. That is until you see those back claws just waiting to attack a vulnerable body part.

Wet Cat Plotting Revenge

If cats could speak English, this one would be saying, "You think this towel will make up for that bath? You'd better sleep with one eye open tonight, human!"

Cats Don't Like Surprises Either

There are two things that most cats don't like: water and surprises. Make that three things: water, surprises, and bubbles. (Pro tip: Wearing a nice white blouse is likely a bad idea in this situation.)

Bad Fur Day

It's difficult to tell whether this cat is more upset about being wet, or about the bad hairdo he's going to end up with when he dries off.

Why Are You Doing This?

This cat doesn't look angry or sad. He just looks stunned. One minute he's dreaming of chasing mice in green fields, and the next he's soapy, cold, and wet.

Big Ball of Fur

Is it a very large hedgehog? Is it a Gremlin? Is it a giant hairball? Nope, it's a wet, grumpy cat on what appears to be a very humid day.

Shower Cat

This cat has clearly been showered before. Note the lack of terror on his face, the resigned posing of his front paws, and the fact that his human is not wearing protective gear.

Do Wet Cats Play Dead?

You might think that this cat actually enjoys being washed. You'd be wrong. He's simply playing dead so that he can take his oppressor by surprise when the time is right.

More Details

Are You Kitten Me?

Awwww. This kitty looks so sad, you almost want to pick him up and cuddle him. That would be a mistake though. Kitten teeth are razor sharp.

The Catwalk Shuffle

This guy is so happy to be out of the bath that he's line-dancing the Catwalk Shuffle. Either that, or he's become disoriented by the abundance of pink tile.

How to Annoy a Kitten

You too can annoy a kitten in two simple steps:

  1. Pick up the kitten.
  2. Place the kitten in water.

For maximum annoyance, after removing the kitten from the water, arrange him on a fluffy towel and snap a photo.

The Horror!

This photo captures the exact moment that this cat has decided to never trust his humans again. It also precedes his first jump from the sink by about three seconds.

So Long, Couch

"Oh, you think a bath was a good idea? Say goodbye to your vintage retro couch!"

Bathtime Catitude

The moral of this story is that, even though cats don't like baths or showers, they sure do look hilarious showing off their catitude when they're wet!

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15 Funniest Pictures of Wet Cats