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15 Punniest Cat Names

Kitty Purry

If you love punny cat names, you'll find great ideas here. Even celebrities love cat names inspired by puns.

Katy Perry named her cat Kitty Purry, but that doesn't mean you can't too. Accessorize Kitty with the latest in colorful, stylish pieces like these yellow glasses and a purrty pink tie.


Purrincess is a bit of a diva, but then again, most cats are. She dreams of going to the ball and meeting a tall, dark, and furry prince.

Billy Purrington

Country singer Billy Purrington must be doin' something right. While he hasn't found cowboy boots that fit just yet, he rocks the red hat because that's how country boys roll.


Meowcaccino loves his morning coffee spiked with a little chocolate and a lot of warm milk. He enjoys this beverage while tuning in to the morning mews on television.

Catnip Everdeen

Here, the dynamic and courageous Catnip Everdeen is on the run from the evil President Snow. Arm your intrepid Catnip with tiny bows and arrows at your own peril.


All the single ladies love to play with yarn! Well, if the ladies in question are kittens they do. Beyarnce here is crazy in love with the stuff.

Furrari and Meowta

Most cats don't enjoy car rides, but these two are the exceptions to the rule. Furrari and Meowta are all ready for a road trip!

Hairy Pawter

Star of the book and film series' by J.K. Meowling, Hairy Pawter wore these glasses before it was hip. He likes to hang out with his friends Purrmione Granger and Clawn Weasley.

Purrty Animal

The meowning after is never as much fun as the night before. Purrty Animal should have said no to that third helping of catnip.

Paul McCatney

Paul McCatney's hits include The Long and Winding String, With a Litter Help From My Friends, and Day Trippurr. He enjoys jamming on guitar with his bandmate, George Hairyson.

The Pawfessor

Most cats are smart and calculating, and this guy is no exception. The Pawfessor is a whiz at meowthematics, pawlitics, and hisstory.

David Catterfield

David Catterfield can make cat treats and dishes of milk disappear into thin air. He's adept at turning useful items like shoes and balls of string into chewed up messes in the blink of an eye.

Captain Amewica

When Captain Amewica isn't busy living the life of a supercat, he can be found napping in his surprisingly comfortable bulletproof shield. He loves warm blankets and the Fourth of July.

Queen Latifurr

Queen Latifurr is one of the most successful entertainers in catdom. She sings, she acts, she produces, she has her own talk show, and she can chase a toy mouse faster than any other.


Meownet (pronounced Meow-NAY) is a celebrated artist who works in colored pencils and organic media such as dirt and dead insects. He is always improving his techniques in order to stay ahead of his contemporary, Picatso.

Punny cat names can be a lot of fun, but if you're looking for something a little more traditional there are lots of cute kitten names out there to chose from.

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15 Punniest Cat Names