20 Cutest Kitten Names

Fluffy Kitten


A cute kitten deserves a cute name! Have a fluffy kitty? Fluffernufferkins is not only an adorable name, but it's fun to say.

Yowling Kitten


Famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti has nothing on your howling kitten when it comes to lung power.

Playing Kitten


This name is perfect for a kitten that has a real joie de vivre.

Kitten in Shoes

Glamour Puss

If your kitten is equal parts glamour and cute, Glamour Puss is a great choice.

Model Kitten

Baby Cakes

Baby Cakes is a name that only the most adorable kittens can pull off effortlessly.

Kitten With Book

J.K. Meowling

A nod to one of your favorite authors will suit your kitten well.

Hairless Kitten


Admit it: your hairless kitten kind of looks like an old man.

Crazy Kitten

Fruit Loop

If your kitten is a little on the crazy side, give him a name that honors his eccentricities.

Mindful Kitten


History doesn't really reveal whether the original Socrates was cute, but the moniker sure fits an adorably pensive kitty.

Napping Kitten

Cutie Patootie

This is a great name if your kitten is just too adorable for any other name.

Meowing in the Garden

Kitters Meows

Give your kitten a name that is suitable for both a meowing kitten and a cat detective.

Rich Kitten

The Great Catsby

Fans of literature will appreciate this name for a kitten.

Little Kitten

Squeaky McGee

Itty bitty kittens have a tendency to let out a bunch of vocal squeaks when they're just born.

Cute Kitten

The Whisker Master

Kittens with prominent whiskers are particularly adorable.

Outside Kitten

Al E. Cat

You can call your kitten "Al" for short if you choose this name.

Cuddling Kittens

Snuggle Bug

Snuggly kittens really turn up the "cute meter," don't they?

Sleepy Kitten


If your kitten likes nothing more than to alternate between sleeping and chasing after things that aren't really there, Absinthe makes for a great name.

White Kitten


Fluffy and white, does your kitten remind you of a snowy day? If so, Snowball is the perfect name for him.

Hanging Kitten


Does your kitten have a bit of an attitude?

Licking Kitten

His Royal Highness, Sir Licksalot

A kitten can have a name that is both regal and cute!

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20 Cutest Kitten Names