8 Cats Who Love Other Animals

Prey - or Cuddle Buddy?


Sure, cats are naturally talented predators, but they're also not opposed to showing some love to other animals. This lovely tabby looks touched to receive some cuddles from a handsome rat.

Kitty Hug


Sometimes a cat just needs a hug, and in this instance, the kitten's going to get a hug from this dog no matter what. The French Bulldog isn't sure how he feels about it, but who can resist a kitty hugging?

Good Pals


A quick nuzzle shows the love between this deer and tuxedo cat. This unlikely pair show that different species are no barrier to affection and friendship!

Monkeying Around


This may be one of the cutest cuddles you see all day. What monkey wouldn't want a beautiful Siamese to snuggle with and share some snacks?

Nap Time Snuggle


When it comes time for a nap, nothing beats snoozing with a good friend. Who says cats and dogs can't be friends? This dog definitely enjoys a "cat nap" when it includes his sweet tabby kitty.

The Dynamic Duo


This cat doesn't seem to mind the unlikely hitchhiker one bit. This pet ferret knows a friendly riding companion when he sees one!

Hard Shelled Cuddles


Just when you thought you knew your cat, you stumble upon it cuddling up to a turtle. This genial turtle looks like he's "smiling" over his new feline friend's affection.

Cat Smooches


This cat isn't chicken about showing its affection. The chick has found a cozy spot to nest on this very laid back cat.

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8 Cats Who Love Other Animals