21 Cats Who Fail at Hiding

Plastic Containers Keep Cats Fresh - But Not Hidden


Cats seem to have the same approach to hiding as your average toddler. If they can't see you, you can't see them either.

This cat is ready to pounce on an unsuspecting bystander, not understanding that said bystander will see her long before the pounce is activated.

Distorted Body Image


Clearly this pretty kitty is suffering from a distorted body image. She thinks she's thin enough to hide behind this post, but sadly she's just a little too wide. Okay, a lot too wide. Don't tell her though - she'll think she's fat.

Found You!


When even another cat spots you in your hiding place, you might have chosen the wrong spot to hide in. Chances are good that the cat who discovered you is equally hiding-challenged.

Nothing to See Here


"Don't mind me. I'm just a furry bag of sugar in your grocery bag. Nothing to see here."

Did You Buy a New Lamp?


You'll love the new Headless Cat Lamp. So realistic, your guests will think it's an actual cat!

Hide and Seek Champ


Chester here is the outdoor Cat Hide and Seek champion. That's mostly because the rest of the neighborhood cats are even worse at hiding than he is.

Hiding is Tiring Work


This cat might be a terrible hider, but he's actually quite brilliant. Hiding on the bed means that you can catch a cat nap while you wait for someone to find you.

Hiding in Plain Sight


"Ha ha ha. Human thought she could take me to the vet, but she'll never find me here, in the middle of the floor, under a random table runner! Silly human."

How Did You Find Me?


Fluffy thought that hiding amongst the appliances was a stroke of pure genius. Little did he know that his human would be craving a smoothie at that moment.

Poor Concept of Space


This cat was always hearing from his teachers that he needed to apply himself more. He had great ideas, such as this hiding spot, but poor execution, like his placement in this hiding spot.

Uh Oh, Is That the Vacuum?


"This is a great place to hide! No one will ever find me! I'll be here for... oh no. Is that the vacuum coming at me? Run!"

No Bath for Me Thanks


"You think you can make me take a bath? Well the joke's on you human, because I can hide here all day long."

Curiosity Revealed the Cat


This could be the purrfect hiding spot. Sadly kittens are known for their curiosity, which makes them easy to spot eventually.

Hiding While Customizing Jeans


Claws here is multi-talented. He can hide at the same time as he puts custom holes in your jeans.

I'm an Apple


"That was a long climb, but totally worth it. No one will find me here if I just pretend I'm an apple!"

Triple Fail


Ah, the trifecta of hiding genius:

  1. Short curtain
  2. Curtain is made of lace
  3. Visible reflection

Yes, this is the perfect hiding spot.

Anyone Thirsty?


"What do you mean you can see me? You can't see me. I'm surrounded by clear plastic."

Chameleon Cat


Chameleon Cat has special super powers. He can make himself look like many common household items, such as curtain rods.

Take Me With You


"I saw your packing list. 'Cat' was missing. Won't you be surprised when you arrive at the hotel!"

This Was a Bad Idea


"Hide in the snow, they said. It's a great place to hide, they said. Brrr..."

Tanking at Hiding


Mew mew mew! Army Cat is firin' his lasers! Invisible lasers of course, because he's well-hidden.

Cat fails are amusing to humans. If you're looking for more, try Kitten Jump Fails and prepare to laugh even more!

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21 Cats Who Fail at Hiding