Pictures of Hairless Cats That Will Make You Want One

Personality Galore

Sphynx cats are known for not only their interesting, hairless look, but also for their inquisitive natures and friendly personalities. Get ready to change your mind about these bald cuties because these pictures of hairless cats will have you calling up breeders in no time.

Beautiful Eyes

Look at the soulful eyes on this beautiful hairless cat. He looks like he's ready for a good cuddle session, doesn't he?

Cat to Go

What's better than having a hairless cat at home? Taking one with you wherever you go, of course.

Bath Time

Hairless cats need to be bathed monthly. This kitty looks like he just enjoyed a relaxing bath and is ready for more.

Sweater Weather

This hairless kitten is ready for a cold day with her fashionable sweater, but she doesn't look too happy about it.

Sleepy Kitty

This cat looks like she just finished up with some feline mischief and is ready for a nap.

Looking Good

Looking at this photo, you can almost hear the purring noises from this contented, grooming cat.

Clowing Around

Some cats will put up with nonsense from their owners; this cat seems game for some squishy face fun.

Phone Home

You can see why hairless cats are sometimes called "E.T. Cats" in this photo.

Mom and Baby
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What's cuter than a hairless cat? How about a momma cat giving her baby a bath!

Laughing Cat

The joke's on you! Sphynx cats aren't actually hairless. They just have very fine hair that isn't as visible as a typical cat.

Cute Pair

These two cats look like good buddies who know napping is better in pairs.

Knock, Knock

This is the kind of visitor you'd want to let into your house and stay as long as he wants!

Nighttime Beauty
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The hairless cat in this photo is simply stunning and a good example of how beautiful these cats are.

Silly Kitty
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This cat looks like she just told a joke and is very proud of herself.

Count Catula
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This costumed fellow gives black cats a run for their money for the role of Halloween mascot.

A Good Stretch

Cats stretch so much to get their muscles moving after long periods of inactivity, and they sure do love their inactivity time.

Curious Kitty

Hairless kittens are adorable, and this kitty is no exception.

Lap Cat

She looks like she's asking for permission to jump into a lap and have a nice nap. Yes, please!

Proud Mom

A hairless momma and her kittens is certainly a sight to behold.

Champion of Cute

This kitten knows he is the Grand Champion of Cute.

Hairless cats have a friendly personality and the most adorable wrinkles, making them great companions.

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Pictures of Hairless Cats That Will Make You Want One