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Silly Cats in Halloween Costumes

Trick-Or-Treat Cat Style

You're probably thinking, "What? Silly cats in costumes? That can't be. Cats are too sophisticated and snooty to participate in such shannigans." That's absolutely right. They are. But at least once a year, these felines' owners can't resist finding creative apparel to make sure their furry companions don't take themselves too seriously. And we get to laugh at them too.

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Enhance Your Feline's Self-Esteem

Put a lion's mane on a cat like this, and watch his confidence soar. Or, watch him turn into a pompous egomaniac with delusions of grandeur. After all, this is a cat we're talking about.

Love-Child of Batman & Catwoman

This may look like a cat wearing a Batman outfit. Actually, no. It's the small, awkward off-spring of Batman and Catwoman. Like the parents, the kid is also a misfit of society. Crime-fighting superhero? Not so much.

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Awww, Too Adorable!

This police officer outfit looks ridiculously cute on a kitty...but not to the dog. Actually, this uniform provides you with a tool to help you understand what your dog sees whenever the cat wanders by "non-chalantly." (Warning: this costume may traumatize even pit bulls.)

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Yo-ho-ho and a Bottle of Rum-Tum-Tugger

When you dress your cat up as a pirate, be prepared for it to take on that colorful seafaring persona. Pirate cats don't purr, they "arrrrrrr!" Likewise, you may discover that they think the litterbox is a treasure chest. Because that's where their booty goes.

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Mugshot of Insidious Cat-Burglar

Why would a cat dress like a piece of pizza? Out of boredom? That would be true for most typical house cats. But for years, this one successfully disguised himself as an "Everything Slice" to sneak into the pizzeria kitchen and snatch toppings. There's no pepperoni in the big house, Saucy.

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We're Going to Need a Bigger Litter Box

This shark outfit brings out the blood-thirsty appetite of even the meekest little kitty. As you can see. Watch out, mice, birds, bugs, and fishes! Jaws-Paws is on the loose and ready for the kill.

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Obi Wan Cat-nobi

Cats dressed as a Jedi knights may begin to feel The Force is strong with them. Avoid shooing them off any tables or counters. Or you might hear, "You can't win, Owner. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

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Weirdo at School Picture Day

Much to the owner's chagrin, this kitty insisted on wearing a Halloween vampire bat costume to picture day at cat school. The poor owner tried to stop her because bullies can be merciless. But as you may know, a cat will do whatever it wants. Things worked out pretty well, actually. "Goth" is in this year.

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Silly Cats in Halloween Costumes