The Craziest Cat Photos Ever

Falling cat

Crazy Cat Antics

Those crazy cats are at it again! Getting up to all kinds of mischief, slithering into the strangest of places, and just being plain WEIRD! But don't take our word for it, check them out for yourself!

Funny cat expresion
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How Rude!

Do you mind? We are having a conversation. And no, it's nothing you humans would understand. Go back to watching your program and leave the deep thinking to us cats, thanks.

Sam the Cat
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The Brows Make The Face

I've heard horror stories about permanent makeup before, but I think my eyebrows came out pretty nicely, don't you?

Cat with tongue out
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Supermodel Status

I've been working on my 'blue steel' look all day and I think it's safe to say that Kate Moss has got nothing on me!

Cat with head poking through slice of bread
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You're Toast!

I tried to make you breakfast, but this is as far as I got. By the way, where's the butter?

Cat between blankets
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Fold Me Away Please

Look, I've caught you snuggling the warm laundry before too. Let's not start pointing fingers, shall we?

Cat in fridge eating sausage
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Sausage Stealer!!!!

What? No, I wasn't trying to steal your sausages, I was just, er, re-organizing the fridge. And you're welcome, by the way!

Cat jumping on bird house
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Bahahahahaha the joke's on you, bird! Cats CAN fly!

Cat scream
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Downward dog is so passé. These days, it's all about upward cat!

Big ears on cat
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Mistaken Identity

What? That is so offensive. Of course I'm a cat! Don't believe me? Check my birth certificate!

Packaged pumpkin cat
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That Awkward Moment

OMG this is so embarrassing... I was just really, really thirsty. Please don't tell my friends!

Wet Cat
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Makeover Time

What do you think? Can I pull off bangs? Or should I go with more of a side part?

Open wide
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Vocal Lessons

What are you looking at? The next winner of The Voice, that's what! It's all in the diaphragm...

Puddle of cat
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Cuddle Puddle

Contrary to what it looks like, it did not rain fur and I am not a puddle. Now please look away, you are making me self-conscious!

Those crazy cats never cease to amaze us. Just as well we love 'em so much!

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The Craziest Cat Photos Ever