Great Toys for Large Cats

Cat playing

People who share their lives with bigger breeds like a Maine Coon cat know toys for large cats need to be durable and mentally stimulating. Big cats must continue to be active in their adult life to guard against health issues and obesity, so it's important to find the right toys that will encourage them to play.

Cats Need Stimulation and Exercise

All cats need a certain amount of activity to keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated, and providing them with toys can definitely encourage them to be more active. Finding the right toys for large cats can sometimes present more of a challenge. You need a toy that's sized appropriately for your pet, and it has to be able to stand up to a little rougher play. No cat toy lasts forever, but most cat owners would like to see the money spent on cat toys stretch just a little farther.

A Variety of Toys for Large Cats

Large cats need a variety of toys to keep them interested. Cats often like to have empty boxes and paper bags to play with and hide in, but even they'll even become bored with these favorites eventually and turn their attention elsewhere. Here are a few toys that might prove especially enticing to larger felines.

Large Toy Mouse

Toy mice have been a favorite of most cats since someone first made one with some scrap calico. The problem with the average-sized mouse toy is that it's rather small and doesn't easily hold the attention of a larger cat. The average size of a mouse toy is about three to four inches long. A fuzzy toy mouse that's over seven inches long is bound to attract more attention and perhaps generate a little more excitement when a cat plays with it.


Springs are fun for almost any cat, and all of the batting and chasing will help a large breed cat get more of the aerobic exercise she needs. These colorful springs move in unpredictable ways when cats pounce on them. There are two sizes of these, so be sure you get the wide ones if you decide to give them a try.

Catnip Rabbit

A cute, catnip-filled rabbit toy is another good toy for large cats because it is built sturdy enough to endure a lot of batting around, hugging, pouncing on and carrying. If your cat is the type that normally doesn't have much interest in toys, catnip may prove enticing enough to peak her curiosity.

Glow Pom

Cats tend to be a bit nocturnal, and even though they can see quite well in the dark, a glow pom scented with catnip may just prove irresistible. Your cat may have so much fun that you have to hide the toy to get some rest.

Variety Is the Spice of a Cat's Life

Whichever toys you choose for the big, loveable feline in your life, don't make them all available at the same time. Rotate them on a regular basis and it will be like giving your cat a new toy to play with each time. He gets to rediscover old favorites, and you have the satisfaction of know you're enriching his life.

Great Toys for Large Cats