Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me? 6 Reasons Explained

Man and cat asleep in bed

Have you ever wondered, why does my cat sleep on me? Cat lovers may provide their feline buddies many places to rest, but some cats prefer to sleep on their pet parents. It is common for cats to sleep on or next to a family member when everyone is home. Some felines feel less vulnerable when they catnap in their favorite lap.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me?

During the day, when the family is out of the house, felines perch in the sun by the window or on the cat tree. When cats are asleep with their pet parents, this reduces stress, so watch out when you find a place on the couch!

A Safe, Quiet, Calm Lap

Cats enjoy routine. When a feline chooses your lap over the cat cave, pet parents may feel like it is a holiday! Cat lovers need to celebrate this behavior as their cat tells them their lap is the safest spot in the house.

Cats Sleep in Short Bursts

Cats sleep in short bursts to prepare for the hunt. When they sleep, they collect energy. When your cat sleeps on you for a catnap, make sure you're ready for a play session when he wakes up. Felines need to get energy out, so make sure to reward your cat for the snuggle time with a few puzzle toys.

Felines Sleep with One Eye Open

Cats are vulnerable, and this is especially the case when they live in an active household or with other pets. Cats under stress may be sleep deprived. Your feline buddy knows if he sleeps on your lap, he is safe from other cats and dogs.

Man asleep in chair with two sleeping cats

Cats Spend More Than Half Their Time Sleeping

Cats are more than willing to share your favorite chair or comforter on the bed if you let them. Cats also sleep a lot more than humans and need a safe and special bed that is their territory. Even if your cat prefers to sleep on you all day, it is a good idea to purchase a few beds made with soft fabrics that generate warmth. For example, pick a bed with soft sides for your cat to snuggle up against, this type of bed provides felines a sense of security.

Humans Are Warm

Listen to your cat. Some pet parents keep the cat cave and cat tree close to a window so their feline friend can keep a lookout while they're gone. The window is drafty and cold! Your cat may opt for a catnap with you only because the perch is not in the best room.

Aging Cats May Have Difficulty Falling Asleep

Some older cats may wake up periodically throughout the night. If your older cat no longer sleeps well, he will seek you out when you're resting for a catnap on the afghan blanket.

Set a Routine

A cat may sleep on your lap all the time if you set a routine. All cats prefer a set schedule, and if you let them sleep on your lap or on your bed to settle in and feel secure, the new daily routine now revolves around these habits. Pet parents need to be consistent with this behavior for months, so make sure it fits with your lifestyle. Any slight change may stress out your cat!

Cats Are Creatures of Habit

Cats need a safe, calm, and quiet place to rest. A strict routine keeps a cat's stress level down, and when you're home, your feline buddy may prefer your lap to sleep on over a cat cave or cat tree. A pet parent's lap may be the warm, safe spot your cat seeks out for a catnap away from other pets. Also, cat lovers with a calm personality tend to be a good match for a tired senior cat.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me? 6 Reasons Explained